KLM Price Alerts – You Set The Price, We Do The Rest

Does this sound familiar? You spot a very attractive roundtrip ticket on the KLM site on Monday, but when you decide to book on Tuesday, the ticket price you saw is no longer available. You can get a more expensive ticket, of course, but you’d rather not pay that much, so you kick yourself for not booking immediately. In my case, that very attractive fare never returned (I kept checking for a month), so I jumped for joy when I heard about KLM Messenger’s latest service: KLM Price Alerts.

11 October: you decide your maximum ticket price

You use Messenger to fill in the Price Alert, indicating your preferred destination, the period during which you want to depart and return, and the maximum price you’re willing to pay. You can also set up multiple alerts. As soon as the ticket is available at your preferred price (or less), we notify you via Messenger. You can then either book directly or reset your Price Alert for a new period. Very handy!

Hamburg or Barcelona

So I’ve set my sights (alerts!) on a 100-euro ticket to Hamburg in October, or a 125-euro ticket to Barcelona. Whichever Price Alert I receive first wins! That will help keep this year’s city trips exciting. And maybe I’ll also set up a 500-euro Price Alert for my favourite city, New York. You never know…

Barcelona Hamburg

Good to know

  • The Price Alerts service is available in English only;
  • You can set up Price Alerts via your phone or tablet;
  • It is available via Messenger only (although we may expand options in future);
  • You can set up as many Price Alerts as you like;
  • You can choose any KLM destination in the world;
  • If you receive a notification via Messenger, you can book immediately;
  • Prices exclude a booking fee (in the Netherlands you usually pay around EUR 10 per booking).

Click here (on your mobile device) to start setting up Price Alerts straight away. And click here for further information.

Other handy services via Messenger

Since March 2017, KLM has offered various other handy services via messenger. If you’re digitally savvy, we’ll send you your boarding pass via KLM Messenger. And we also have an emoji service, which works as follows. If you’re on Hawaii, for instance, and you’re looking for the nearest surfing school, simply send a surfboard emoji to KLM via Messenger. Then we’ll point you in the right direction. The whole point of KLM Price Alerts is to make it easier for you to book your greatest trips. Very handy and very light on your pocket!

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João Oliveira

Price alerts is a very innovativ device. Congrats.

But why can’t I choose the class in which I want to fly?

Many thanks.


Kim Lammertse

Hi João, Thanks for your compliment. Currently it is not possible to set a Price Alert for a certain class (for example World Business Class). However, we will always have a look in ways to expand this service…

Suggey Mora

Price alerts


Tried setting an alert, AMSATL in Feb 2017

I can’t actually click ‘Set price alert’, it stays greyed out on my iphone
What about booking class? I’d like to set alerts on business fares, not economy

Kim Lammertse

Hi jeroen, I asked my colleagues for advice: could you please try again to set an alert? As we experienced minor technical difficulties during the evening of Oct 11th. Hope this will work out for you. Furthermore, at this time it is not possible to set an Alert for a certain class. However, we will always try to find ways ways to expand this service.



Ingvar Gunnar Bergman

Have fly with KLM during my work but now its a bit difficult as retired but we try to use KLM even now when there is offers.My wife find a ticket and she will fly in the end of November.

Jaap Doornbos

I fly Amsterdam-Zurich and back every week. I always fly Swiss, they fly at about the same times as KLM but are cheaper. Would you recommend that I simply set up a KLM Price Alert with the same price as Swiss ? I would not mind to switch from Swiss to KLM if the price is the same. please advise.

Kim Lammertse

Hello Jaap, KLM flies people all over the world and knows how difficult it can be to find the right price at the right time. Therefore KLM has developed this service to notify our customers via Messenger when their desirable price is available. We recommend you to set an Alert for the desired price you would like to pay for a ticket to Zurich. When the ticket price for Zurich drops below your desired ticket price as indicated in your Price Alerts, you receive a Price Alerts Message, which contains a ‘Book now’ button that will lead you to the booking flow of that particular flight on our website, KLM.com. Hope we can welcome you on board with us soon!

Federico Antonio Junior OSORIO

I am planning and want to travel in the month of March 2018 Amsterdam.

M. Soriano

I usually fly to Panama on KLM, my last trip was with a different airline because the price was too high (really, you get what you pay for) I regret not flying KLM that time, one of the worst flights of my life with that spanish airline, lousy service and lack of attention, I was not a passenger but a number.

my next flight is 1 year away, 4 people this time, I hope I get a good deal.

KLM is the best.

Kim Lammertse

Thanks for sharing! Count the days… & have a wonderful trip, the four of you…

Nikolaj P.

I would love to make use of this service, but being connected with messenger AKA Facebook no thanks! for that I hold my privacy too dear. It would be great if not everything has to be tight in with these specific platforms all the time.




I am planning Aua to Ams soon.


5 tickets Cur Amst. wat is het beste prijs

Kim Lammertse

Ik kan me voorstellen dat je graag naar Curaçao zou willen. Op KLM.nl en onze KLM app vind je altijd onze beste tarieven op basis van de huidige beschikbaarheid. Mocht je een aanbieding willen afwachten, kun je via Messenger een Price Alert instellen voor de gewenste ticketprijs naar Curaçao. Zo werkt het!


Is this also possible without a Facebook account?

Kim Lammertse

Hi Marcella, for now this service is only available on Messenger. But we are always looking into the possibility to expand our services to other platforms, yet no concrete plans at the very moment…

Daniel Deckert

Für 5 Personen nach Curacao. 4 Erwachsene und 1 Kind (6 Jahre). Flugzeitraum vom 13.04 bis 27.04.2018
3000 Euro wäre unser Maximum.

Pablo Barrera

Great idea but I think it doesn’t work. I’m in Spain, using Messenger App, in my mobile phone, and only what I can get following the link is: “Messenger on mobile only” which is exactly what I’m doing. What is wrong with it? Don’t get it. Help!
And please don’t tell me to use the Messenger app in my mobile phone again.
And yes, I got the link, don’t need the same link over again.

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