Lost and Found

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This eye catching artwork soon became a meeting point for travellers from Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam

Recently, in my task as floorwalker, I noticed a man — very tall and of advanced years — at the check-in machines. He was standing hunched over and I assumed he wasn’t feeling well. In the few minutes that I watched him, I was able to guess he was travelling alone. Very clearly, no one else was taking care of this lonely looking traveller. I decided to approach him and ask if I could offer help.

‘I lost my wife’
Ignoring my question, the man remained bent over. I touched his arm carefully and, very slowly, he turned to face me. Without a change in his expression he said, “I lost my wife a while ago. I’m alone now and don’t know what to do!” “Oh sir,” I answered. “I’m so sorry for you,” He finally straightened up and we walked together to some seats nearby. He was shaking from head to toe.

John, seventy-eight years old, was travelling to Atlanta. He told me that his wife, Barbara, had always arranged everything. She was his eyes and ears. Without her, he was helpless. His voice shaking, he asked how he would get home without his Barbara. In an effort to get this very tall, very old man to his flight on time, I suggested that we go to the assistance counter. The people there help those who cannot manage on their own. After taking just a few steps, a voice came from the crowd, “John! John!” And a sweet, delicate-looking woman came hurrying over to him. The man shouted in a frightened voice, “Barb!” I watched in amazement. This was the Barbara he had spoken of. She had gone to the restroom and had asked John to wait for her. But when she had emerged, he was gone. She had searched the entire hall for her husband. With tears of laughter at this misunderstanding, we said goodbye.

John Lost and Barbara Found are happy together. The End.

With LAV,

CODA, Dennis Adams (1995)
This meeting point is one of the most eye catching artworks at Schiphol. It’s created by Dennis Adams who named it CODA. The red and white blocks refer to the color code of many objects you will find on an airport. Within CODA 28 different photographs of red-and-white airport objects are incorporated: towers, electricity stations and signs. You find CODA at Schiphol Plaza just before passport control.

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  1. David McMullen

    Beautiful! Keep up the great work Morena!

  2. Francisco

    wow! very nice Morena.

  3. Francisco

    wow! very nice Morena.

  4. Francisco

    wow! very nice Morena.

  5. Francisco

    wow! very nice Morena.

  6. Francisco

    wow! very nice Morena.

  7. Francisco

    wow! very nice Morena.

  8. Anonymous

    All in a day’s work :) Nice job!

  9. charlotte

    im glad that it was only a misunderstanding, luv your writing morena, look forward for the next story.. :)

  10. charlotte

    im glad that it was only a misunderstanding, luv your writing morena, look forward for the next story.. :)

  11. Tara's Dolce Vita

    Touching story with a happy ending!

  12. Tara's Dolce Vita

    Touching story with a happy ending!

  13. Elaura

    I left my MacBook Pro in a laptop bag with one of the zipper broken i have been trying to ask for help but no one has been able to help me

  14. Orna

    Lost my MyTouch smartphone somewhere between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. It is black and has cracks across the face of the screen.

    • Bernadine Nayoan

      i left my handbagage in the cabine 62HIJ sunday 26 july 2015, while we sit in seat number 62EFG, coz our cabine boven is small thats why we take other small koffer in cabine 62HIJ, we are the last passangers out the plane with my 5 years old, suddenly on the way to immigration i remember my handbagage,my husband run to go back to the flight KL0810 Jakarta-Amsterdam but he can not get into, the personnel suggest us to follow the procedure report to lost and found, on the way we found KLM lost & Found with so many suitcase/koffers there in front of the office, but again the officer just tell us to report to KLM service in front at the gate E20, the KLM service officer try to call but no body pick up she said & we have to report via email and call line 0900..our case is already in register no. LF1507-03269,but nobody give us answer until now, even its clear the luggage we forgot is in the area KLM Plane, but not sure now the luggage in the right and honest person, because LOST & FOUND seems just have a report but too slow in tracing… if they are good in working, i think when KLM send each founded in LOST& FOUND, LOST & FOUND will direct record it and they can check if there is any report the same with the things that they found & my case will be solved within one day!!!

      • KLM

        Hello Bernadine, we are sorry to learn you forgot your hand luggage on board one of our flights. We would like to advise you to fill in the Lost & Found form of Schiphol Airport via http://klmf.ly/1i0rXUV. We hope you will be reunited with it soon! Please let us know if you have any further questions. You can also contact us 24/7 via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  15. Ann Reeser Cuperus

    Left behind on flight 0605 from Amsterdam to San Francisco, seat 07K. My scarf most probably slipped between the furniture and the wall/window. It is a small ladies’ scarf of light wool in the colors soft green and grey. If it is found in San Francisco, I could pick it up when I fly out this Thursday on flight 0606 to Amsterdam. Otherwise, hopefully I can retrieve it once back in Amsterdam. Thank you.

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