Love is in the air…

It’s Valentine’s Day again. The day on which lovers show each other a little more attention than usual, by giving gifts, flowers or cards. But this is also the day when we can declare our love for someone entirely anonymously. In fact, that’s how it all started a long, long time ago.

But the days have gone when we were simply content to send each other a Valentine’s card. These days, we want to see each other too, if we can. And it makes no difference if we have to fly a long way to do it. KLM has been playing Cupid in the love-life of thousands of people for over  90 years now. They’ve been ferrying people from the furthest-flung parts of the world specifically to embrace on Valentine’s Day.

So now, with the help of KLM, we can send ourselves instead of a card. Which is great. You don’t get a bigger surprise than that! And, if we decide to remain in each other’s arms, we can always return to that single moment, that instant, that second in time when we first met each other and knew that this was ‘the real thing’. Sometimes spectacular. Sometimes that was meant to be.

Did you meet your beloved, or declare your love for each other, in strange circumstances? Or did you meet your beloved on Valentine’s Day and you’ve never parted since? Share it with us.

And through KLM Twitter you can also tell us why you think that you and your lover should win the trip to Paris that KLM is offering with Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Schiphol april 1952