My Best Shots of the New 747 Livery

It’s Friday, 4:55 PM. Most people are bringing in the weekend, but not me. I am fired up and ready to go. In just a few short moments I will have to “do my thing” and utilize every second the much anticipated plane is descending onto Amsterdam grounds. Amongst me stand a few select fellow Aviation Photographers, both anxious for the arrival of the Boeing 747, freshly painted with the new KLM Livery. I know what to do: get the best shot possible. I can almost taste the excitement when the clock hits 5:00 PM and a white and blue aircraft starts appearing through the clouds.

Suddenly it’s all focus and everyone is clicking away. There isn’t much time, because as soon as the plane has landed, we rush into a van to relocate ourselves, getting in as much angles as we possibly can. I can’t contain my excitement and let out a “Fantastic!”. And it really is. This is what makes Aviation Photography so incredible. This is what I love doing.

These are my favorite shots of the new 747 livery.


LVFG9445 LVFG9428 LVFG9354


LVFG9298 LVFG9445 LVFG9363

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Maria Teresa Bracegirdle

I fly to Peru from UK every year to visit my family. Couldn’t feel safer flying KLM. Love it !!!


At first I was afraid it wouldn’t look as good on longer airplanes like the 777 and 747 as it does on the F70 and E190, but after seeing it I actually like it a lot. Great high resolution photo’s, looks like I have a new wallpaper!

Andres Bolkenbaas

Hi Luc, thanks for your compliments, and enjoy your new wallpaper of our wonderful Queen of the Skies.

Frank van der Voet

The new colour scheme makes the 744 appear younger than she really is! Now let’s see what the revised cheatline will do for the A330 family.

Andres Bolkenbaas

I’m just as curious about that as you are Frank. But first to check out the first 777-300 wearing the revised livery, she’s to be expected at the end of this month, and her registration will be PH-BVN.


Realmente son hermosos y majestuosos! Las fotografías también, impresionantes! Me seduce éste rollo de KLM, los amo!

Andres Bolkenbaas

Muchas gracias, piedad!

Len Preskow

Great shots, Andres!

I love the revised livery. I see a dolphin with a smile :)

Looking forward to seeing the “City of Tokyo” in Toronto

Andres Bolkenbaas

Thank you Len, I really appreciate your compliments. And I surely hope this airframe will visit YYZ anytime soon. And when you do: Would love to see your photos!

Len Preskow

I will look out for BFT in our skies.
How does one upload photos to you?

Andres Bolkenbaas

Hi Len, if you like to share your KLM photos, then I recommend to use the KLM Facebookpage or the Facebookgroup “Dutch Aviation Photographers Group”.

Len Preskow

Not active on Facebook.
Any way to email them to you?

Andres Bolkenbaas

Hi Len, I’d like to take a look at your KLM shots. You can send them to if you like.


Andres, great pics! thanks for sharing, Anil

Andres Bolkenbaas

Many thanks Anil!

Lolita M. Balboa

Really great pics. Every time we visit Europe – I always chose KLM as my carrier. I always feel assured of my safety. There’s nothing like KLM. Ty very much. Looking forward to be with KLM again – God willing – in May 2016 – my 60th birthday. I want KLM to be part of my 60th year on earth.

Andres Bolkenbaas

Thank you for your nice compliments, Lolita. KLM is looking forward to meet you and wish you a Happy Birthday next year in May.


What was the point of ordering the old B747-400 when there’s 747-8i on the market??!!
This is why Lufthansa rules the EU airspace!

Andres Bolkenbaas

KLM didn’t order any 747-400’s. All aircraft are in service for several years already. This particular airframe is the first one to be fitted with the revised colourscheme. All KLM 747’s will be phased out in 2020. Did you know most of the 747’s in the KLM fleet are so called combi-freighters? They can carry both pax and cargo. Boeing didn’t develop such a 747-8 (yet).


klm is very good

Andres Bolkenbaas

You got that right! Thanks! ;-)

Len Preskow

Thanks Andres. I will.

Robert Karam

Beautiful livery and the pix look great.
Now please send it our way to CYUL so we can have a closer look at her :)
Cheers from Montréal!

Andres Bolkenbaas

Thank you Robert, hopefully this wonderful lady will visit YUL anytime soon, so you can catch her in that amazing and enchanting light you have there. And who knows… maybe Machteld and I will be on it to bring some fresh ‘stroopwafels’. Cheers mate!

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