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I’d like to  give you an idea of what my life as a cabin crew member is like. Starting with a yearly Flight Safety Exam, followed by preparing for my flight to Los Angeles, wrapping up with some photos of my work on board. Presenting you: A day in the life of a crew member. If you want to find out what we did in LA, read my other KLM blog.


6:30 beautiful morning in Amsterdam. Waking up and having a cup of yogi tea. I don’t drink coffee. KLM ID ready for entrance at Schiphol-Oost.



7:30 waiting for the tram to take me to Central Station. The big red book is my flight safety manual. I am having my yearly Flight Safety Exam. Banana for energy and to stay focused.
8:00 Arrival at Schiphol bus station.
8:45 Passed the exam on all flying types with 100 % score! The rest of the day we have a recurrent training. Practise of flight procedures, first aid and use of equipment.
KLM crew
Back home packing my suitcase for my trip to Los Angeles the next day!
8:00 checking in for my flight to LAX. Before the crew briefing starts: postbox check, cashing my daily allowance.
9:10 Business Class preparations to welcome the World Business Class passengers. The lovely Dutch designer Comfort Bags of Viktor&Rolf are a real must have for fashionista’s. Business Class exclusive!


9:50 take off for a 10 hours and 20 minutes flight. I work in Economy Class. First service is a drink service with a bag of smoked almonds. After diner and inflight sales you’re always free to come to the galley and get a snack or refreshment!


We Fly with a 747-combi. Meaning we also carry cargo. Today we have very special guests in cargo! 18 horses. During my break I’m having a quick look and give them a cuddle. We have special KLM animal attendants and groomes who take very good care of these beautiful animals during flight.


Check out this beautiful view of Greenland. My ‘buddy’ Dewi and I had a nice flight and are looking forward to our stay! You can read about it in my blog Los Angeles is music to my ears.


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Hey. Its nice. Must be a hectic job. Keep Enjoying


Hi Akif!

Yes, It sometimes is. But most of all it’s a great job to do. Thanks for your comment!

Cabin Crew Swap

Te Cabin Crew Meeting Point


Erg leuk gedaan! Complimenten ;-)


Dank je wel Rene!

Robert Bierwolf

Kijk dan is jouw experience toch gunstiger dan die van mij als reiziger. Ook op de kl0601 van vrijdag en vandaav op de kl0602 terug. Op de heenvlucht ook geen waardering van deze longstanding platinum klant. Benieuwd hoe dat zo op de terugweg zal zijn.In de tijd ertussen alleen maar vergaderd. Ok ook nog gegeten maar helaas geen private time voor enig site seeing. Maar wel goed om te weten dat safety serious business is. Keep up the good works.


Hi Robert,
Safety is always our first priority. Mag volgende week weer op examen ;-) Ik zal eens in de gaten houden of ik je een keer op een vlucht heb(want een Platinum staat altijd vermeld met naam op onze info lijst)dan kom ik graag een praatje met je maken. Dank je wel voor je bericht en … dat je zo vaak met ons vliegt!
groet, Valerie

Ivonne Suncin

Lady, you just inspires me, sure you are creative and funny :) thanks for sharing this is cute! :)


Lady, This comment made me smile thank you! ;)

thanks for reading DareSheGoes on KLMblog!

Lolita M. Balboa

It seems you’re a funny lady. Thanks for the sharing.


Thanks for reading Lolita! :)


Dear Valerie,

Thank you for sharing in this blog, it’s really interesting! :)

Truth be told, I’m a little afraid of planes and I’ll be traveling to Amsterdam next month from Mexico City. It’s my first time in such a long flight and I’ll probably be taking this flight often. Do you have any kind of suggestions to make it easier? I’m sure by now you totally dominate the art of flying! :) any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Dank je wel! :)


Hi Michelle!

Thank you for your comment on my blog. So cool you’re flying to Mexico City and so honest to write me about your “fear of flying”. Did you know a lot of people don’t like flying? I can totally understand. You already made a first step on working on this. And I am happy to share my suggestions with you. First tell the crew on board about your fear. I am always glad when people tell me this. So I can react on it and give them the extra attention to feel safe and happy. That is very important, I am sure they will keep an extra eye on you and check on how you feel. If you feel a burst of fear coming up during the flight try deep breathing from your belly. Deep and easy breathing helps to make you feel relaxed. Or tell the cabin crew member once again how you feel. Then we have a lot of great movies and entertainment on board. The latest Blockbusters and great Classics. Time will fly by before you know it. If you like you can follow me on DareSheGoes twitter or on FB and I will keep in touch for more support. Maybe I can fly you once to Mexico City because it’s a great place with lovely people. Wish you a good and happy flight! en….graag gedaan ;-) kind regards Valerie (DareSheGoes)


ps. Sorry Michelle I ment you flight to Amsterdam, having a small jetlag from Japan ;-)


Thank you so much Valerie! You’re so nice! :) I really really appreciate it and I’ll make sure of following your suggestions! I’ll follow you on FB and Twitter as well! Thank you again and i Hope you feel better from jetlag soon!

Michelle :)

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