7 tips to make sure your suitcase goes wherever you go

Has it ever happened to you? Arriving at your destination only to discover that your luggage is missing? It’s usually forwarded to you as quickly as possible, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Sometimes the baggage system is at fault, sometimes the airline makes mistakes and, yes, sometimes it just happens.

Did you know that there are ways of ensuring that your baggage gets to where it needs to go? Here are a few tips.

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1. Put your name on your baggage

Always put your name and flight data on the baggage itself. And add your mobile phone number, if possible. Because sometimes baggage labels get torn off. So if there’s no information on your baggage, we won’t know where to send it. However, if we have your last name and flight data, we can trace your booking 9 times out of 10. If we can’t trace it, we can phone you and ask where you’re headed.

2. Remove old baggage labels

Do you travel a lot and leave all sorts of labels and baggage stickers attached to your suitcase? That may look cool, but it isn’t a great idea. It can confuse the baggage sorting system, because it doesn’t know which label to read. That’s why we advise that you remove all labels and stickers from previous trips. Why not head out with a neat and tidy, hassle-free suitcase?

3. No loose parts

Make sure your baggage is in good condition when travelling. Avoid broken locks and zips. If your baggage has loose-hanging handles, put it in a flight bag or have it sealed. After it is checked in, your baggage passes through a sorting system. Loose-hanging handles can get hooked behind protruding edges and tear off. That might just be the handle your baggage label was attached to… Right?!


4. Is your baggage checked through to your final destination?

Make sure your baggage is properly labelled. You may be flying to New York, but perhaps you booked a discount offer that requires two tickets or a stopover. If you’re flying from Amsterdam to New York via London, for instance, it’s not always standard practice to check baggage through to your final destination. That’s why it is always best to ask about this when you check in. It can be very annoying to arrive in New York only to discover that your suitcase is still in London, because you thought it would be labelled through to where you are ultimately going.

5. Heading to the USA? Don’t lock that suitcase

Are you travelling via the USA to some other destination? If so, make sure your baggage isn’t locked. Since 9/11, security regulations prohibit travellers from passing through the States with locked baggage. If you do lock your baggage, it may be forced open in the event of an inspection. If your baggage can’t be opened, it will be left behind…

You are allowed to use a TSA lock. Say what? A TSA lock! Transport Security Administration (the ladies and gentleman of US agencies in charge of security) has designed a Travel Security Approved lock. Security personnel at US airports, using a special skeleton key, can open these locks for inspection. Naturally, your baggage will be neatly locked once the inspection is completed.


6. Sufficient transfer time?

If you have to catch a connecting flight, make sure you have enough time for transfer. You yourself may be able to run like crazy and catch that flight (panting and sweating), but your baggage can’t! Unless you have bought a bag with feet. Then it can. ;).

7. That’s MY suitcase!

Make your suitcase easily recognizable. Not only for yourself, but also for others. It regularly happens that Mike get’s home with Nancy’s suitcase “because it looks exactly like his”. So why not stick on a fun label? Or maybe a ribbon, your name in graffiti or a nice photo of yourself. Anything that says: “This suitcase is MINE!”

Small changes but this way, together we can make a difference and make sure your suitcase goes wherever it needs to go!

Were you one of the unlucky few and did your luggage not make it to your destination? Find out what to do here.

Happy Travels!

Sounds familiar?

It’s quite possible you’ve heard or read this before. We’ve posted this blog in July 2015. So this actually is a repost. But let’s be honest: you can never be too sure how to not lose your luggage.

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I also do put my flight itinerary in the checked-in bag on top of all things, as well as write down mine and my co-traveller’s cell nmbr. Just in case… I never do take an overweight bag. My suitecases have never been delayed or lost. Maybe I just have been lucky, but maybe…. you know… :)


Or… maybe it is because of all your precautions, Ilze… ;)


A way to make it less likely that your baggage goes missing is to choose another airline. KLM are renowned for losing baggae and don’t care when they do-be warnede!


Your tips are very good but all 7 of them are for clients to make a better packing but where are tips for the baggage people to not make mistakes??? cause using robbots to do that job does make it easier for lost luggage, anybody agree??? safe travel to everybody…


Yeah, those TSA-approved locks… I had a TSA-padlock on my luggage, but it was forced open nevertheless. Had to go to a hardware store and a buy one. TSA is not known for its subtlety.


That’s odd, Roel. Did you leave a remark about this with TSA?


” Naturally, your baggage will be neatly locked once the inspection is completed”. Not true….I agree with Roel…. especially if it is a TSA pad-lock. They force it and never put it back. I already addressed the issue to KLM as I regularly travel to the States and spent a fortune for my favourite suitcase. I was told by KLM at Schiphol that it was well-known and normal.(?).


My TSA lock was removed and not replaced on flight from Boston to UK


Integrated zip tsa lock cut off! Case ruined!
Disclaimer, they are allowed to cut it off if necessary due to time contstraints. Checked in 3 hours before flight!


Thanks for your post! The last advice I could mention is : before leaving home take a picture of your luggage with your mobile phone . If your luggage is missing on arrival, you can show the picture of your luggage to the agent at the lost luggage desk, it helps to describe it! specially when it is difficult to understand each other!


What an awesome tip, Weber! That indeed is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.


I always also takes a photo and also emails it to my gmail account but I do not put my name on the outside of my suitcase since it has been known that burglars go to airports and read the names and then loot their houses. I put my buisness card inside the outside pocket. (Softshell suitcase which unfortunately only lasts about two flights due to handelling so I have to claim a new one.)


Business card


I have been doing that everytime I travel to the states as often due to short connection times my luggage is on a following plane.

Len Oudshoorn

I always have a photo with me of the case I´m travelling with! And I always put a written itinerary inside my case. It already helped me twice in the years past.


But i’m questioning myself why they offer transfer flights with short time to change the flight?
I had a similar case last month where my flight arrived late in Schophol and my baggage didn’t make to my next flight and i had to wait a whole day without new cloths.
Until now this only happend to me twice with KLM, never with another airline.


Sorry to hear about that, Werner. We wouldn’t want our passengers to feel rushed when transferring to another flight. We therefore adhere to minimal transfer times. At Schiphol, it’s 50 minutes for intercontinental flights and 40 for European flights. But indeed, it sometimes happens that your incoming flight is late and your transfer time will be less than needed… Did you know that you are entitled for reimbursement of ‘first needs’ when your baggage is delayed? I understand that you prefer your own toothbrush and other, but just in case…

Arend Biesebroek

That’s a good tip but how does it work in practice? My bagage did not arrive in Brussels yesterday morning. Someone enters some data in some computer, you get a printout with the message you will be called within five days. That’s it. No offer for reimbursement. Not nice after a long haul. I’m still waiting any news. And when trying to get information about the bagage the number is always busy.

Jan Aarts

BRUKL22106 – we are always sorry when customer arrives without his luggage. Some computer is a Worldtracer Computer used by over 99% of all airlines worldwide and “tracing” temporarily lost luggage based on numerous unique elements like eg the tagno and describtion of bag. Majority of bags are reunited with customer same or next day. I noticed your bags were delivered 2AUG and you had quite a trip with two transfer from LUN/NBO/AMS/BRU.

1st needs are normally offered if bags expected to be missing for over 24 HRS and if passenger did not arrive in his country of residence.

Jan Aarts – Luggage Logistics Expert @ KLM


I always put stickers with my contact information inside my suitcase, so when all labels and stickers are off on the outside, they only have to open my suitcase and look inside for contact information. And my suitcases are always locked with a tiestrip. Just a pair of scissors or a good knife and they have access to my suitcase.


And we love you for that, Henk! Because it makes it so easy for us to find out where you’re heading. :)

Luis Faustino

I am a frequent traveler of KLM/Air France and never lost my luggage. The tips provided are very useful. Normally, I put my personal data inside the luggage. I think the best thing to do is to put them outside as a sticker if possible or wrap your luggage at the checking airport, and include: departure and destination, email address, company or home address, and finally phone number either home or at the destination.


You seem to be prepared to the max, Luis. ;) The more, the better. A job well done I’d say!


Instead of adding your info to a lable or sticker on the outside (easily readable by the not-so-savoury fraternity) encode it in a QR-code and use that instead. makes it easy for those trying to track you down and just that little bit harder for those with less than honorable intentions watching you leave


Chris, this is a tip 2.0 ;) Love it!!


Best. Tip. Ever.

Len Oudshoorn

How do you create a QR code?


Strange to leave your luggage UNLOCKED (when flying to the US of all places!). So everyone, including the not-so-honest-people can put unwanted items in your luggage.
Ever tried to explain to US-customs how that powdery package got into your suitcase? No way!


That’s why we recommend the TSA lock, Rene.

Supun Chathuranga

Great info. Thanks


You are most welcome, Supun!


Important to tell during check-in where you want your baggage. We stopped over in Amsterdam from Heathrow only to find out our baggage was booked through to Cape Town. Elize at Customer Service assisted and intersect our baggage and we got it within 30 min but it could have been worse. Even whem everything is not always going according to plans, KLM still remains our first airline of choice.


Aaaaaw, how lovely to hear that, Bernadene! Thanks ;)
And yes, you are so right! Always check the destination of your luggage.

Jan Eric Larsson

Two more tips:

1. After checking in over the desk, look at your bag tag and check that it has the correct final destination. I have discovered erroneous checkings twice.

2. Standard bag tags have one or two little side stickers with the same bar code on them. Check that the person at check in separates these and sticks them on your bag. If the main tag is torn off, the bag will have working bar codes anyway. Some preople at chekc in does not take time to do this. I usually insist.


You are so right, Jan Eric. Sounds like you’re a frequent traveller. Great tips!!


Great tips all. Another option is to leave a business card inside the suitcase.

I do have a question as well. Twice in Atlanta my suitcase didn’t make the connection. The last time was from Freeport to Atlanta to Amsterdam. It arrived in Atlanta and Delta confirmed it was checked through to Amsterdam. I had a 8 hour layover in Atlanta (did a short meeting there) and took the KLM flight to Amsterdam. Upon arrival no suitcase. Now my question, how can a 8 hour transfer time be too short?


That is a good question indeed, Kester. You may expect that 8 hours is more than sufficient to have your bag transferred from one flight to another. Did they ever tell you the reason why the bag was delayed? Because normally there is a reason things like these happen.

And the business card is a great tip!! :)


Last fall my wife and I traveled PDX-AMS-TXL on DL-KL, and sure enough one of our 4 bags went missing in AMS. We were in Berlin for 3 nights, bag never showed up despite being properly labeled and documented. Finally, 9 days later, we were reunited with the bag in Salzburg and it appeared the bag had been sent back across the Atlantic twice for some reason. We were, and are, not at all satisfied with the handling and the excuses we got for why the airline could not get the bag delivered at Berlin, or Frankfurt, or Zurich, or Munich before our stop in Salzburg. We followed all the rules and obviously that is no assurance of success.


I am truly sorry to hear this, Gary. If you’d like, I can (try) to figure out what went wrong. Let me know if you wish so, than we can go into a more ‘private environment’ to exchange some details about your trip.


I have always put a copy of my passport together with all flight information, addresses tel nos. and home details in the outside zipped pocket of a case. These are not lockable usually anyway. But it keeps all your private info. Away from prying eyes. As a pointer, I attach a luggage label to the end of the zip, but tuck the label inside the zipped pocket. I have never lost a suitcase, I do hope I have not tempted providence now!


Haha. Let’s not jinx it, PJ. Just keep on doing all the good preparations and you’ll be good to go! :)

Janice traill

Funnily enough the only times my suitcase has gone adrift is with Klm. But it has always arrived quickly and safely. Keep travelling with you though. In the USA a security guy told us that there is no lock he can’t get into,therefore I never put a padlock on.


Thanks for your loyalty, Janice!


Janice, though that security guy has a point, any lock can be opened, the point of a lock is not so much to keep people permanently out (even a absolutely fool proof lock would be pointless unless you travel with a vault as a bag) but to delay anyone with the intention to get in, the longer it takes the more chance there is to get caught which can definitely discourage people with bad intentions, specially in a busy environment like a airport terminal. Not just to prevent theft but also the the trouble of your bag being used to smuggle contraband. Any lock can be openend but atleast it should take some more time and risk then opening a zipper.

John Schols

I would suggest not putting a phone number visible on your bag or luggage. It can and will be used for illecit purpose! Put in inside on a business card, memo or anything else.

If flying to the USA: Put a belt with TSA-approved lock around your bag or suitcase. You do not have to leave your bag open, TSA can open the beltlock and no other passenger can put something into your bag. When choosing a belt take the one with flashy pattern, strange colors of pictures. This will help you to recognize your bag and may avoid others taking it from the carrousel as mentioned by Djamilla.


Great tips, John! Thank you so much for sharing.


Thanks for the great tips, also in the comments. I use a yellow suitcase with recognizable stickers on my travels which I can easily spot between all standard black suitcases. Luckily I never lost my baggage but for sure I’m going to use these tips to easily find it back in case… One question remains, where can you buy these TSA locks? Are thee commonly available?


I am happy that my tips have inspired you, Twan.
Yes, the TSA locks can be bought easily in stores or online.
I suggest you Google to where it would be most convenient for you.
Happy travel!!


Although i labeled it several times and put notes inside it – my suitcase got lost between CDG and DUS (after a long Way from HNL) and never showed up again…i saw how it was loaded @ CDG but not showed up at the belt… :-/


Oh no…. Michel. That is unfortunate, to say the least…! ;(


Is there only one man is working at TSA?


I hope not, Michiel…

Halvorsen Anne

Hi Djamilla,

a few years back we lost 2 large Samsonsite suitcases when travelling from Libreville, Paris, Edinburgh – they were never ever found, contained lot of pretty expensive clothes, suits, leather belts, shoes etc ( was Christmas period, a lot of snow and chaos at CDG airport) .
After a lot of hassle lasting several months we eventually got a few hundred dollars compensation from Air France ( but nothing compared to the value of the suitcases and contents )
Those suitcases were clearly labelled so often wondered just what happened to them!!


That’s really unfortunate, Halvorsen… ;(
Although your baggage was labeled, it still can get lost. It sometimes happens that the label gets off one way or another. And then it is hard to find out where it should be send to, since we are missing information about your whereabouts. But in your case it was extra unfortunate as it concerns 2 bags…
Replacing belongings is never easy. Especially when it was expensive. Have you contacted your travel insurance concerning this matter? They normally pay the difference between the amount an airline can pay you and the actual costs.


Hi, Is iT advisable to have luggage sealed when traveling to USA?


Good question, Irene. I would say yes… But than again, when the U.S. Authorities need to open your luggage, they have to break your seal.

sabine bergjes

I was missing my luggage (and by mistake with medicines in it)in New York, but that was not the fault of KLM but other people took the suitcase with them. The only stressy thing , they called after 3 days!!


That’s quite an unfortunate situation, Sabine. So I presume you made your suitcase a one of a kind since then? :) In order to not been taken mistakenly by other passengers…
I would like to recommend you to always carry your medication in your hand luggage.


Or you could just not fly KLM and your luggage won’t get lost….

Brian Stapleton

With Identity Theft / Fraud such a big security risk these days, why put our name address and contact details on your baggage.
Have you considered the use of an IATA approved Unique Identifier Service (UIS) Baggage Tag as the source of data relating to the owner of the baggage? The unique UIS numbers act as permanent bag tag while protecting the identity of the owner.
UIS integrates with the airlines baggage tracing systems such as WorldTracer & NetTracer, so no difficulties in baggage tracing and service recovery for passengers, ground handling staff and airlines avoiding baggage claims.. a win:win for everyone.
It answers your points 1 and 7 above as well as protecting passengers personal property and gadgets should a passenger leave any items on board aircraft, in the airport, taxi’s, Hotel etc..
Would be delighted to explain UIS Bag Tags to you.
Brian Stapleton
Director Airlines & Airports
HomingPIN (www.homingpin.com)


Identity theft and fraud are key concerns to KLM, Brian. We strive to offer our passengers the best possible travel experience. Therefore we constantly monitor developments of this kind and have passed your suggestion on to the relevant department. Thanks a lot for your input.


Maybe you can find out why so many people who took the Perth, Western Australia-Kualal Lumpur-Schipol-Newcastle flight that was due to land in Newcastle around 8.40 am on 20th July had lost baggage. I’d be very interested to know


So do I, Steven! Can you send me the flightnumbers in order to follow up on that?


. Some comcnipatilg factors would be the audience that scientific information is directed to. If the average person reads a science article from a research journal, it is most likely that he would not understand what is happening in the described experiments. The technical jargon would lose the attention of the reader and fail to convey important information. Scientific literacy is skewed to those that are educated or have experience in the sciences. A solution to this issue would be to teach the scientific method and reinforce the importance of scientific literacy at a very young age and have a review of that method for each grade level until graduation from grade school.

Mark Percival

My main message to airlines on this is that providing information to the passenger is critical to ease a stressful situation. If you lose your stuff you want to know the answer to 2 simple questions 1. Where is it? 2. When will I get it? (At least approximately). Just being told to wait to be contacted isn’t very helpful. Luckily I’ve never lost my luggage flying KLM, but have had bad experiences with other airlines. I hope KLM handles these situations better! One tip I would add. If you have tight connections, pack essentials for 24 hours in hand luggage.


I totally agree with you, Mark. And this is something we strive, but sometimes it happens that at some point an airline doesn’t know where a bag is…
And thanks for your tip. That is a very handy one indeed!

Craig Halliday

3 times this year KLM have lost my luggage, twice it was delayed (via Amsterdam of course) for 3 and 4 days, however when they reached me, many of their contents were stolen. The last one was lost by KLM on 19th June and has NEVER been found. As a violinist travelling constantly around the world, the majority of my luggage is made up of stuff for my work: Orchestrations, stage/concert wear and audio equipment etc so when the airline loses it you expect them to pay up, right? as if.,,, KLM couldn’t care less and they wriggle out of it just like any insurance company would. Consequently I’ve cancelled all my future flights with KLM. They have lost all my respect. I won’t fly with criminals. Tip folks if you really are forced to fly with KLM because its the only airline to get you to your destination is: only pack things in your luggage for which you still have the ‘original’ purchase receipts…. (oh and only up to the value of approx £1000 (but you’ll never receive anything like that of course). I wouldn’t be this hostile if I got the impression that the airline actually cared…


I am saddened to hear this, Craig. Is there anything we can do to change your mind?


Have been flying hundreds of times. Never before have my bag been lost, until my last trip, I flew to Phuket, on my way there, ONE bag. On my way home, TWO bags!
Yesterday I travelled with KLM again, to Barcelona. My bag was lost, again!


Oh no!!! That’s not right, Emma… ;-( Not right at all!

Craig Halliday

I really feel for you Emma, it has become far too much of a trend this year for me with KLM that I can no longer afford the risk. It is costing me an absolute fortune, to constantly be replacing replacements (of replacements) Such a shame, cos on the face of it all I get that it’s undoubtedly a friendly airline. But that simply isn’t enough if they cant provide the level of expected basic travel needs that most other airlines (in my experience) have no trouble delivering.


It worries me a lot to read so many comments here that Poeple lost their luggages / bags when they traveled with KLM…. in 24 days I have to fly with KLM from Düsseldorf via Amsterdam to Destination Quito . I just can hope and pray my luggages will arrive without any Problems :(


Avoid via Amsterdam …. Better avoid KLM n partners …. I fly all the time n never lost my baggage …. But first time I flew KLM n my baggage misplaced …. I m here in NY minus my baggage. ….. Trying to holiday


I flew KLM/Delta to new york … One of my bag was delayed …. I filed a report at the airport ….. 60 hrs later I m here still waiting for news …. Not able to speak to neither KLM nor Delta … Its such a pathetic customer service …. I m so frustrated


Oh, no. Say it isn’t true, Dominico! That’s not good news. Not at all! Let me find a way to help you. Can you send me your luggage tag number?


It’s a little worring all this lost baggage. I fly klm on 22nd to zanzibar via Amsterdam and Nairobi. We are hoping to have a special holiday for our 25th wedding anniversary. We have spoilt ourselves with lots of new and some expensive items of clothing. This is a once in a lifetime holiday for us. Very worried over my luggage.


Dear Djamilla, I do fly frequently and it is not the first time that a bag gets delayed. But on our recent trip one bag made it, one bag came three days delayed and the third one is still missing after 10 days.

The bag had the barcode, the small copy of the barcode, a name tag at the handle and a name tag on the backside. It was a European connecting flight going from Basel via AMS to Helsinki. I cannot understand that this simply gets lost and no one is able to trace it. The big problem was that in the lost bag were all the things for our 6 month old baby (beside the stuff you carry in the diaper bag). Everything was brand new. We delayed first to leave Helsinki hoping that the luggage would arrive. It was really difficult with all the things missing (even some medicine) then continuing to the countryside of Finland.

It seems that it is cheaper for KLM to compensate than to try to find the luggage. Because it simply can only be there in AMS. It can´t just disappear. And it can´t have lost all four tags. We will have now to work on the claims list – but this is time consuming and many things we will not be able to find again.

With four tags – how can you loose our bag and not find it again ? This is sad.

Sigi Spence

I had luggage problems last year which ruined my touring holiday to Goa and the South of India,so this year I have been asking advice from seasoned travelers. We are traveling from Scotland to Bangkok, and transferring in Schipol from KLM to China Airways with 2hrs 35 mins between flights. I would be interested to get your comments on my two pieces of advice. 1.When checking-in initially in Glasgow, to ensure that the attendant ‘labels through’ our luggage to go onto BANGKOK BKK with China Airways and to check it myself. Is this normal practice? 2. At Schiphol, collect our luggage from the carousel and check it in again at China Airways. This one worries me as I wonder if 2hrs 15 mins is enough time!


Hi. How much would I be charged to wrap my luggage at tge airport?


Great tips. I am still using an old school lock (the ones with the keys) – i am nt kidding. Time for an upgrade.

Tommy, Content Editor @ http://www.luggagerate.com


KLM lost our bag between AMS and Vienna. They have no idea where it is at the moment, check in staff promised bag would be on next flight and delivered to hotel. Neither has happened. Bag locating system is hopeless, it’s not locating just telling it can’t find. Bag ‘locating’ service is a misnomer in this case. Very annoyed, we are only on vacation in Vienna for 2 days, a short trip but an expensive one ruined.


I always take a photo of our luggage with our phone before we leave, it was instrumental in the airline identify our lost luggage the last time.
This in addition to florescent bows on the handles.


Make a picture of your bags when you check them in, might come in handy when they get lost after all.. Likewise, make a picture of your luggage tabs.

Per Hjelmager

Last time I travelled from Tanzania to Billund in Denmark my luggage was delayed in Amsterdam. I received one bag after 3 days and the other bag after 4 days. Mind you it is a 30 min. flight from Amsterdam to Billund and there are several flights every day.
The time before that my luggage was again delayed in Amsterdam – this time on the way back to Tanzania. I got my bags 4 days later.
Are you not screening the bags in Amsterdam? 4 days!!
I have my gold member tags on the bags as well as the Priority Tags.
I am not impressed!


You misplaced my luggage more than once despite the precautions. My luggage has ended up in the weirdest of airports over the years.


Something I always do, in case the label or bag tag comes off….I put a recipe size card inside the suitcase (where it is immediately visible) with the address to ship the bag to and a contact ph #. This information includes where to ship the bag to before a certain date and where to ship it to after a certain date. Ie: to my travel destination until about the day before I return home and my home address after that b


Something I always do, in case the label or bag tag comes off….I put a recipe size card inside the suitcase (where it is immediately visible) with the address to ship the bag to and a contact ph #. This information includes where to ship the bag to before a certain date and where to ship it to after a certain date. Ie: to my travel destination until about the day before I return home and my home address after that.


Thanks for sharing! I recently lost one of my suitcases, which never happened before, but within 2 days it was delivered at my home. Great service KLM

Thijs Bergman

As being a “model” of this campaign and a former employee. I really appreciate to be on the blog for the second time already Time for some reward I would say #nietgeschotenisaltijdmis#

Alan Steedman

First flight ever and yes lost baggage, later discovered it never left Amsterdam. Me and the plane did, arrived in Calgary then Winnipeg, it was the lost baggage dept in Winnipeg that got it back. now i fly back to the Uk from Winnipeg onto Calgary on the 17th,, then to Amsterdam, finally onto Manchester in the UK, will my baggage find its way back to the uk, IT was clearly labelled had coloured tape on the handle also the appropriate travel label, please do not loose again, or ignore this second email…..Alan.


It’s been 10 days since I arrived from a trip and stll havent got my luggage. I have send pictures and informasjon and everthing. The most strange is that there were 2 luggages delayed and on I got 2 days after, but the other still havent got.
Is it sth that can happen? WIll I get my luggage back?

Abigail Debnam

What if you do all that and its still the airlines fault! Having arrived in New York yesterday to find KLM left our luggage in Amsterdam, we did everything in this blog and yet still you as a company cant get luggage to the right place!!! It is a joke, make sure if you ever travel with KLM ensure you put a spare of everything essential in your hand luggage. A week in New York with no clothes or personal belongings is not a fun prospect. Luckily I keep my medication in hand luggage as I would end up very ill because of KLMs incompetence.

Vicente Cordoba

I flew from Istambul to Schiphol and then to Bilbao (Spain) with KLM last month. My luggage was delivered with a delay of 24h.
The flight tickets were Sky Priority, which I supposed were going to give me more possibilities to not getting a delay in the delivery on time of my luggage…
The question is….Does KLM reimburse their clients for late delivery of the luggage when going back home? Can I claim for any kind of reimbursement due to the terrible service of KLM?
Note that KLM also delivered my lugggage with 24h of delay at my destination hotel, 1 day beforore this happened (I just needed to stay 1 day and a half in the city I was visiting).
So KLM did a “Full House” Bingo with me and I consider that KLM should have an obligation to indemnify me for their incompetence.
Am I right?
I cann’t find any place where to claim for this kind of problems in your website.

I can find how to claim for the expenses incurred at the destination place but I can’t find if I have the right to be compesated for the late delivery of my luggage on my return to home (remind you that I bought Sky Proirity Tickets)


This excellent website truly has all of the info I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who
to ask.


My luggage has been lost only one time. And I have flew with KLM only one time. You guessed right, they were the same time.
With tons of flights this was very unfortunate event, even though there was enough time in Schipol.

ross trevest

You can do all this and they will still lose your luggage. KLM seem to be good at this when in transit through Schipol . both my husband and I have been left waiting 3 days for our luggage with no clothes only what we had on and then no apology.

Paul F. Thompson

Just got back from an extended trip to the UK for my Dad’s funeral. Left with one bag and came back with two on a late booking on a bereavement fare. I had to travel ATL- DTW – AMS – BHX and back in reverse. With so many transfers its always a heart in mouth moment when your baggage disappears down the belt, especially coming back to the US with the crazy re check process. That said KLM and Delta did a great job and I got a new KLM B737-800 model to add to my collection.

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