For a few days now, our family has had a new member – a naughty, stubborn but adorable kitten. Except for our goody-goody, ginger tomcat (who now has to be on his guard against attacks from below and behind all the time) everyone is enjoying the new housemate.
I hadn’t realized how much attention such a little creature demands. She wants to be cuddled or played with all her waking hours. I won’t let her have her way all the time, but I do need to keep an eye on her to save the curtains, the plants and the sofa from being destroyed. Whenever I sit down at my computer, she becomes obsessed. My fingers moving on the keyboard and the movements on the screen are just too much for her. While writing this blog, I have used the backspace button more often than ever before. I guess my little friend assumes she is helping me out by copying my movements on the keys.

At the end of this week, I’ll fly off again. It gives me the cramps to know I have to leave this little ball of fluff on her own. Obviously she won’t be on her own: a bunch of loving human beings over here will take care of her. And the rest of the family and all the other animals survive well without me, over and over again. I guess I just like to think I’m indispensable.

Blueblog 41 Kitten

For the first time, I wonder what it must feel like for KLM colleagues to go on their very first flight after becoming a mother or father. Imagine having a flight to Kuala Lumpur and being gone for a week! Missing all those smiles, burps and cooing of your new-born child.
Indeed, leaving my kitten is in no way the same as leaving the child you gave birth to, but it does make me have a higher regard for all those new parents. Luckily I’ve got some nice pictures of my own ‘newborn’ to take along.


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