Dutchies Do Ski

About Dutchies Do Ski
Caroline and I (Juulski) met each other seven years ago during a skiing course. While sharing a lift, we discovered that we share a passion: skiing as much as we can, every possible day. There was an immediate connection and soon we were fantasizing about endless winters in the snow. After a brief period of daydreaming, we decided to make our dreams come true. We put our corporate careers on hold and became “skiing journalists” (a title we made up ourselves). Caroline took a 15-month “skibattical” and I myself took a “powder break” in the winter months. And off we went with our business cards, which our skiing friends often jokingly called our “pink discount cards”. It was such a fabulous experience that we stayed in the snow longer and longer every winter, visiting increasingly adventurous destinations like Spitsbergen, Iceland, Alaska and Canada. This winter Len (the third member of Dutchies Do Ski) will be joining us on our trip to Japan and Canada. You can follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook @dutchiesdoski.