During four years as a computer programmer/analyst, I discovered that office life is not my thing. I quit, worked and travelled around Europe and Africa, and started university – but the travel virus made me apply as Flight Attendant in 1990. I loved my job so much, I stayed after I got my university degree, and eventually became Senior Purser at KLM. Raised to travel by my parents, I have reached my goal to visit all 193 UN-recognised countries on the planet before 2020. Well. in June 2017 I managed to do so. Curiosity drives me to explore new countries, but also ones I have been to many times before. You will rarely (if ever) find me at the swimming pool of a crew hotel, but rather, with my camera on the way to discover new places and meet new friends. I share my adventures, accompanied by pictures, on

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Op een na alle landen!

Vele jaren wilde ik er al heen, maar onder het mom van “het lekkerst voor het laatst bewaren” werd Madagascar uiteindelijk het een-na-laatste land…