The six best holiday destinations in May

With summer just around the corner, May is the perfect month for a trip abroad. Whether you want to take a weekend break or head off for several weeks, the options are unlimited. Below you will find my tips for the best holiday destinations in May.


Bangkok, Thailand

The locals call the capital of Thailand “Krung Thep” or “City of Angels”. With its aromas, sounds, colours, people and hustle and bustle, Bangkok is certain to make an unforgettable impression. For many visitors, it forms their first introduction to Thai culture. Visits to the Royal Palace and nearby “Wat Pho” temple complex are a must. Bangkok is the place for those who love Asian cuisine. Absolute must: visit an evening market to sample the local fare from the colourful array of food stands. A trip to Bangkok is best closed with a visit to a rooftop bar to watch the setting sun disappear behind the skyline while enjoying a drink. There may be a dress code, where at least your shoulders and knees need to be covered.


Lima, Peru

Ideally situated on the Pacific, Lima serves as the perfect home base for travelling around Peru. Plaza Mayor is the best place to start your tour of the Peruvian capital. Here, at the heart of the historic centre, you will find gems like the old Government Palace and Cathedral of Lima. Heading one block away, you’ll find the amazing yellow Saint Francis Monastery (San Francisco), where you should definitely admire the impressive catacombs. Peru is known for its excellent cuisine – the Central restaurant is even listed amongst the Top 10 restaurants in the world. The lively Barranco district is good for a great night out, boasting scores of restaurants and cafés. Out for more action? The beaches of Lima are great for surfing and if you find yourself at the water’s edge at the end of the day, you will get to enjoy the fabulous sunset. Lima

Oslo, Norway

Hoping to combine a city trip with nature? Then Oslo is the ideal destination. Start your city trip with a visit to Akershus, a 13th-century castle located at the Port of Oslo. In mediaeval times, the army was based here protecting King Håkon V. Although still a military area, Akershus is open to the public. In addition to historic buildings, Oslo is also known for its modern architecture. For example, the Nobel Peace Prize is dished out annually in the modern City Hall and the view across the city is brilliant from the futuristic opera house. Oslo is also surrounded by wooded hills and mountains, and lies at the foot of the 107-km long Oslofjord, which presents loads of opportunities for cycling and/or hiking.


Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, offers visitors a wide variety of interesting attractions. The main road through the historic centre of Edinburgh, the Royal Mile, is the pride of the old area of town. The one-mile stretch runs straight through Edinburgh, connecting Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace, where you will find numerous historic streets lined with beautiful 16th and 17th-century town houses. Edinburgh Castle is literally the high point of the capital, standing up on Castle Rock looking out across the city. It has served as the royal residence, military barracks, arsenal, prison and safe for the crown jewels. You cannot visit Scotland without experiencing an authentic whisky tasting. Visit the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre to find out how it is made and of course to enjoy a tasting!


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Are you crazy about luxury and opulence? Then this is your dream city. In the white Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque you will find the biggest chandelier and biggest carpet in the world. Looking for an adrenaline rush? Visit the Ferrari World amusement park, where you will find the world’s fastest rollercoaster. And there’s plenty to discover out of town as well. How about a four-wheel-drive jaunt across the desert to the Al Ain Oasis? Time to relax? No problem, take a stroll along Corniche Road or visit the nearby beach. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Athens, Greece 

Budding historians will be delighted by the wonders of Athens. It goes without saying that no visit to the Greek capital would be complete without admiring the world famous Acropolis. Follow the path through the olive trees to the top of the mountain where you will find the well-known Parthenon. The old Pláka district is perfect for a few hours of wandering through little streets. Of course, an authentic Greek meal is also a must when visiting Greece. The streets of Athens are literally lined with hundreds of restaurants, many of which specialise in Greek cuisine. If you have an opportunity to stay longer, ferries depart daily from the Port of Piraeus to the Greek islands of the Cyclades, including Santorini and Mykonos.


Looking forward to summer? And do you have any suggestions for fabulous holiday destinations in May? Share them with us below!

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Edinburgh is one of the best cities I have visited. I can move to Edin anytime if I have the the opputunity.

I recommend everyone visit once . Try eat Mussel and drink some scottish whisky.

Tip. Tiger Lily for night out

Resturant : Fazenda Edinburgh (best meat resturant)

Breakfast : John Lewis (Breakfast with a view)

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