Not right now!

At times I feel truly sorry for the partners of airline crew.
I presume I’m not the only one – even though I’ve lived with my partner for years, he must still be surprised by my occasional “Not right now!” on the day of my return.

And it could be anything that isn’t possible “right now”.
He might be itching to tell me about something that happened during the week that he knows would really interest me. So when we meet up again, he’ll enthusiastically start to tell the story, but my look says it all: not right now.
Or he’ll organise a nice dinner party for a group of friends, all with busy lifestyles, who he would love to see again. It’s the only night for the next few months that everyone’s diaries are free. So he takes care of the food, drinks and everything, knowing I would be returning from a flight that morning, tired and jetlagged. He thinks it will be a nice surprise, but all he gets is: “Oh no, not today!”.
Talking about food: he’ll be on his way home from a long day at work and calls me, asking whether I want him to do the shopping since I’ve just returned from a flight that day. And what should he buy? The first part of the question is OK, but the second part isn’t. “Oh no, don’t ask me right now what I want to eat …!”
Poor partners: they seem to get rapped over the knuckles for everything they do or say on that day of return. Or is my partner the only one who suffers?

Not right now 2On the other hand: being the partner of an airline crew member has certain advantages. Such as: when we’re home, we’re home. And I imagine that, at times, it feels like pure freedom when we are gone for a few days. How many people with a partner get the liberty to do the things they like to do, the way they prefer to do it, exactly when they want to do them, without anyone interfering? I am pretty sure that my boyfriend will eat a take-away on the couch and then fall asleep in front of the TV, only to wake up again in the middle of the night, drop his clothes on his way to bed – and only clean up just before I return from my flight.