Our First Guests Have Arrived!

Last Friday we were thrilled to welcome Cristina en Tommaso from Rome who booked a night in our aircraft through Airbnb. They were about to spend the night in a fully refurnished MD-11 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. A KLM stewardess welcomed them and with a fully filled fridge, freshly brewed espresso it was going to be a very special stay.

Upon entering their home for the night they were overwhelmed by the loft style interior and thought it looked ‘bellissima’. Cristina found her favourite book in the library. And after having put on their joggings they selected a good movie and installed themselves on the couch in front of the flat screen TV.

AirBnB sleepover

We were delighted that Cristina and her husband Tommaso felt so much at home that they preferred to make their own microwave dinner above going out to a restaurant.

Retired jet

After crossing the globe 3675 times a beautiful retired jet was turned into a unique living space. With a library, chill out room, kids space and movie theatre, it has become a luxurious, playful aircraft house. Our guests could relax, play a game, read a book or do some thorough plane spotting through one of the 116 windows.



Cristina and Tommaso are one of the three winners of an overnight stay in a KLM jet. They joined the contest through the Airbnb listing page, which 10.204 of other people did as well. Last weekend we also welcomed the other two winners: a Dutch family with two children and two long-time-no-see friends from the USA.

Sleeppover AirBnB

Short video

Curious how our guests have experienced their stay in an airliner jet? Keep an eye on the soon to be released short video (mid December) where they will show you around in their temporary home.

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Lolita M. Balboa

A very great experience. How I wish to be like them in the future? KUDOs to KLM!

Bonnie Parren

Thank you Lolita!

Lolita M. Balboa

A very great experience. How I wish to be like them in the future. KUDOS to KLM – a very accommodating airliner.

Lolita M. Balboa

This is just my message to KLM:

I’ve been traveling in Europe for eight times (1993, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2013, 2014) – and would you believe that all my travels were booked at KLM. I really love KLM because of excellent service.

Bonnie Parren

That is good news Lolita. Makes us proud. Where are you traveling from? USA?


Tankyou Greatings from The Netherlands


Always a pleasure flying KLM Cape Town to Amsterdam. And without a doubt my preferred European airline

Prins Adan

Klm is the best airline in their service and warm welcome! #Respect to religious order cuisine and #SchipolPrayerArea. Travelled thrice with KLM frm Kenya! Flyblue @prinsadan

Shane Peet

Jammy sods, would have loved that experience.


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Rowena Blauenfeldt

KLM is one of the best airlines and the best service with great friendly crew on board- we love KLM:-)
Excellent service all the time.


Where is this located and how do you make reservations for it?

Bonnie Parren

Hi Bryan, this aircraft house was part of a contest to celebrate our partnership with Airbnb. Three winners won an overnight stay. I’m afraind we are not planning to rent it out any further or more often. It was located at Shiphol Airport in Amsterdam.


Will the apartment be rented out more frequently or was this a one time only thing? I would love to stay there for a night!

Bonnie Parren

Sorry Monique, a one time thing only… ;(


Being an italian I doubt the person was called Tomasso. His name was Tommaso, rather?
Double M, single S please! If passengers’ names aren’t spelled correctly, you may not board them ;-)


Wauw Thats cool . I love to fly whit KLM .


I believed in love from the first sight when I traveled with KLM for the first time…
And what I just saw explains why

Bonnie Parren

That is so nice Moatasem! Thank you.


I know a lot of people entered but I honestly thought we would win! My husband and I got engaged in an Airbnb apartment and LOVE travelling to Amsterdam and always use Airbnb! I wonder what they wrote that was better than that story… Probably that they use KLM every time. ;)

Bonnie Parren

Hi Caitlin, That’s indeed a great story. I honestly don’t know what their motivation was. I wasn’t part of the selection committee. But I know there were more than 10 thousand contestants…. You need a good story and some luck to get selected ;)


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This is a publicity stunt, not a genuine offer to rent out the apartment – it’s a cynical abuse of the AirBnB community.

Bonnie Parren

I am sorry you feel this way Johnny.

Simon Shields

he’s right though, Bonnie, and you know it also. It’s a fact as well as a feeling! FACT


Great. Shame the guys name is spelt wrong? I am pretty sure it’s Tommaso….

Bonnie Parren

Oh bummer. You are so right! Sorry Tommaso.

Parminder & gurnoor

What a cool way to spend christmaseve with you! My 6 yr daughter says! I might book it for her! Looks good KLM!

Ariaan den Os

I would-be love to sleep there. Working at hangar1. Sleeping next door… What do i have to do?


A MD11 is NOT a Jet, but an Airliner!!!!
You must know KLM…

Bonnie Parren

Hmm, I’m not so sure. A jet is a type of airlplane that uses jet engines… The MD-11 does.


This looks great. We will be flying with you from Manchester to San Francisco via Amsterdam in June and we are all looking forward to the flight with you.

Bonnie Parren

Nice to hear Anne. I hope you have a flawless and pleasant flight with us.

Edward Van Oeveren

If I make it to Amsterdam (at the top of my “bucket list,” as one might gather from my surname), staying in a refurnished MD-11 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will definitely be a “must do”!

Bonnie Parren

Van Oeveren definately sounds Dutch… We will be glad to welcome you here.

Maggie Parker

I didn’t know about the competition but reading all this brought back happy memories of approximately 52 years ago when my friend and I worked all the summer holiday to earn enough to go on holiday to Amsterdam for 2 weeks, travelling KLM. I still remember the lovely open sandwiches and tiny bars of chocolate we were given on board. We had a wonderful time but our plane was delayed on the way back and we missed the last train of the night to get home to the Midlands. A KLM bus had picked us up from the airport and, I think, dropped us at their London office. I can’t remember where it was. A member of staff was still there and concerned that we (then teenagers) were stranded in London. She gave us hot chocolate and said that she would let us stay in the office if we didn’t mind being locked in. We were comfortable sleeping on the couches and very very grateful to have somewhere to stay. She let us out when she came in next morning. I guess she must have risked her job by doing what she did, but I have retained my very fond memories of her kindness, Amsterdam and KLM and if I ever get back to Amsterdam and can afford it, will certainly want to stay in the refurbished MD-11.


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