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If you ever had the opportunity to join us – KLM ground employees -  during an evening break, the first thing that would strike you would be the smell. Here the cuisines of China, Thailand, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands mingle. And everyone who, like me, is mad about delicious, healthy food, swaps recipes for… read more »

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In February this year, I completed my flight training for a new aircraft type: the Airbus A330. My first trip with this new aircraft was to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. This made me think of “Lucy”, whose remains were uncovered here in 1973. She lived 3.2 million years ago and, based on the theory of… read more »

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“Can you draw this for me?” I ask. He unfolds the printout. His eyes almost leap out of their sockets when he sees the painting. “Wow! Did you make this? I could never make this, man! This is too hard for me! Much too hard!” “It’s by Johannes Vermeer. But I don’t want an exact… read more »

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Over the past ten years I have taken a lot of trips to training camps and competitions throughout the world; Melbourne, Korea, Pretoria, Seattle and Venezuela to sum up a few. As a swimmer with the Dutch National Team, you always want to be as fit as possible — especially after a long flight. If… read more »

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“We’re bored, Dad.” My daughter Gaia and her friend Jehanne, both twelve, are lounging on the couch, waiting for me to ferry them to their singing lesson. “Wanna help me write my blog?” I ask. “Cool!” they chorus. “What do we have to do?” “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear… read more »

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The small things in life. The warmth of the sun. A smile from a fellow human being. These are things that can make me feel intensely happy. How privileged I am. Flying has made the world around me, in the broadest sense, bigger. More beautiful. More realistic. It keeps both my feet firmly on the… read more »

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“Suut Africa,” she would write on the blackboard. Then the stories would come and we would imagine climbing up Table Mountain with her for a picnic, with a spectacular view of Cape Town. Or we would go on safari, marvelling at the speed of the springbok, sniffing a “suikerbossie” (sugarbush) and meeting her friends out… read more »