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Andries van Beek found a box of old documents dating from the Second World War at a flea market. Tucked between ballet programmes from 1945 were letters from two aviation pioneers, Jan Dellaert (Schiphol) and Albert Plesman (founder of KLM). The letters were written between 1919 and 1950, the time KLM was coming into being.… read more »

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We recently started a “What if…” series on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The idea behind it is to raise brand awareness by surprising followers with manipulated images that make you look twice. For us, this is a great way to discover the flexibility of the KLM corporate identity without losing recognisability and impact. We found… read more »

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KLM Social Payments

I joined the social media service team a while ago and we’re the first to hear compliments and complaints. Passengers communicate readily through these channels and apart from business as usual, we now sell tickets. And that’s great! With around 130 employees at the ready, we respond quickly. With payment required for an increasing number… read more »

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The print ad

I was frustrated. So far KLM is the only airline that offers a wide assortment of gifts that can be ordered online and are handed over by our cabin crew at 30,000 ft. The gifts are beautifully wrapped and come with a personal message of the sender on a card. The only problem was: nobody… read more »

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OK, so you work for social media KLM and Facebook is a very important platform. Just to give you an impression, we have five million fans on our central KLM Facebook page, 75 service agents offering 24/7 service via Facebook, and we develop innovative tools, great content, and new services regularly. Facebook Headquarters And then… read more »

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Hooray, an unexpected jaunt on my schedule – a 48-hour stop in Mexico City! I haven’t been there in a while, so I’m really thrilled. It’s a different world altogether. A place of dreams and wonderful experiences. Truly inspiring and enjoyable. An intimate place, too, where Mexican art history was written; where Frida Kahlo was… read more »

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KLM has served responsible beef on board since 1 October 2013. The meat is supplied by a small Dutch company that is championing sustainable and transparent business practices in the meat sector. Cynthia Bruining, owner of De Vrije Koe (The Free Cow), explains how she worked with KLM to make arrangements that seemed impossible in… read more »