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“French, Russian, Dutch – the Great European Melting Pot.” “What?” “Cultural exchange! Mutual inspiration! Cross-pollination!” My wife is accustomed to me thinking out loud. Her strategy is to ignore me until I get to the point. “That’s what the blog’s going to be about!” She calmly unchains her bike. We’ve just spent a couple of… read more »

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While the water surface seems to stretch out in front of us like some giant mirror reaching out to the horizon, we hear a band start to play. And, wherever you hear music in Africa, you won’t see people standing still. One by one, Africans start shaking their hips. In no time at all, there’s… read more »

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Summer is almost over, but the best is yet to come. Just a month to go. My to-do list is getting shorter. Leave has been arranged. All I need to do now is tidy my wardrobe. Friends are donating children’s clothes. My dentist has even given my mother extra toothbrushes and toothpaste for me to… read more »

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The Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service is compulsory for youngsters aged 5 to 14 travelling alone. The service is not compulsory for slightly older passengers aged 15 to 17, although it can be arranged if required. UMs wait for their flights in the KLM Junior Jet Lounge (JJL). They fly in on KLM flights or those… read more »

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I almost killed a caddy once. My brother and two of his friends had woken me up at 7 a.m. to play a dew-dusted nine holes at the Wild Coast Country Club. I hadn’t been anywhere near a golf club in more than twenty years and I was wearing borrowed clothing that made me look… read more »

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Since 3 April, KLM has been flying to Fukuoka, Japan. I was there for the first time a few weeks ago. Over that past few years I’ve visited our other two destinations, Osaka and Tokyo, often. And I’ve come to love Japanese food and culture. It’s great news that Fukuoka is renowned as a culinary… read more »

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In my odyssey to explore all countries in the world (160 so far!) me and a dear travel companion and colleague ended up in Quito, Ecuador. From Guayaquil we visited the colonial city of Cuenca in the south-eastern of Ecuador. We passed through an empty landscape of mountains and lakes at high altitude. We liked… read more »