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A young woman with a large rucksack was calling to Tijn to hurry up. After calling for the third time, a little boy wandered over, very relaxed, at his own pace. My heart melted when I saw this sweet little man. I used all my magnetism to draw these two passengers to my check-in counter.… read more »

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Tropical temperatures and prevailing winds guarantee a pleasant stay on Bonaire, a Dutch community in the Caribbean. Kralendijk is the largest place, yet is still small and easy to get around. It has a harbour for cruise ships, a yacht marina, a charming boulevard, and great bars and restaurants. No one is in a hurry… read more »

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New York is one of the cities that made jazz what it is today and a number of the venues where this uniquely American music was born are still open. If you’re traveling to the Big Apple in the month of June, check out the Blue Note Jazz Festival (1-30 June). It has quickly become… read more »

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England is eccentric, surreal, full of surprises. It is also very lovely. Especially when the sun is shining. I spent twenty-four hours in Kent. That’s in the south-east, also known as the-lumpy-bit-at-the-bottom-right-of-the-island-leaning-over-to-kiss-France. It was a bank holiday. I could buy a mattress, I could bet on horses, I could even have robbed a bottle store,… read more »

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WIFI on board KLM operates their first official WIFI flight, and I have been chosen to be one of the lucky employees to test it. Flight KL757 to Panama. A bold choice, as electronic equipment and internet in particular, tends to malfunction around me. It simply seems to hate me, despite all the love I… read more »

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My wife and I have decided to retire to Norway. More specifically, to the village of Alnes, just four tunnels and a bridge away from Ålesund, where all new visitors are welcomed with a parade. We’ll be opening a modest wine emporium in Ålesund, as alcohol is clearly the easiest way to earn money (and… read more »

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“Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat?” my colleague on the ground asks. “An aisle seat, please.” I board KL437 for a week’s holiday — a destination where I no longer fly to: Abu Dhabi. A dear friend of mine lives there with her family. We were friends as teenagers. We did… read more »