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“Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat?” my colleague on the ground asks. “An aisle seat, please.” I board KL437 for a week’s holiday — a destination where I no longer fly to: Abu Dhabi. A dear friend of mine lives there with her family. We were friends as teenagers. We did… read more »

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Hi, my name is Tara. I love travelling and started writing about it a couple of years ago. Not just because I wanted to share my experiences, but most of all to entertain my family and friends. I went to Cuba for the first time three years ago, and fell completely in love with it.… read more »

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Recently, in my task as floorwalker, I noticed a man — very tall and of advanced years — at the check-in machines. He was standing hunched over and I assumed he wasn’t feeling well. In the few minutes that I watched him, I was able to guess he was travelling alone. Very clearly, no one… read more »

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“He’s too far gone to read anything, dear,” said my mother, “but he still loves looking at photos.” So I bought a picture book full of the world’s greatest paintings and flew to Johannesburg. That was the last gift I ever gave my father. He pretended to recognise me when I went to visit him.… read more »

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On Tuesday, Prince Willem-Alexander was crowned King of the Netherlands, which also marked the end of the reign Queen Beatrix. After 33 years on the throne, she handed over her responsibilities to a new generation. I have had the good fortune to meet her twice. On both occasions I had won medals at the Olympic… read more »

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Like a stranger in a strange country: that’s how the Dutchmen must have felt when they were living on the little artificial island of Dejima off the coast of Nagasaki in 1641. Since then, the city has swallowed up the little island but there are plans to separate it again and have it entirely surrounded… read more »

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Our request system works perfectly for me. I can almost always put together my own flight schedule. How amazing is that? Japan has to be one of my favourite destinations. It’s fascinating, and I sometimes find myself getting quite ‘lost’. I don’t speak the language. The alphabet looks like ‘hieroglyphics’ to me. But the feeling… read more »