Team Lost & Found To the Rescue!

Two iPads, an iPhone, an e-reader and a bagful of tax-free purchases. “That was the haul from yesterday evening,” says Bennart Laansma of KLM Lost & Found. “Where’s your dog?” I immediately ask. “I am the dog!” barks Bennart with a grin.

Of course the cute beagle that stars in the KLM lost & found video doesn’t really spend its days racing around Schiphol. The dog symbolises the sleuthing done by Team Lost & Found, who are all experts at looking further than their noses are long.


Could you give us an example of some super sleuthing?

“The iPads and iPhones we find are almost always locked with a code. But we can access the messaging screen. On one of the iPads, I saw that the owner had an appointment with a Dutch company. The text was in German. I traced the number of the company and asked who might be meeting with a German client. The receptionist said that lots of Germans visited the company, but that there was only one with an appointment that day. She said she would phone the man in question and ask if he had lost his iPad. We returned it to him before he boarded his return flight. He was thrilled.”

How do these items end up with you?

“Cabin crew, cleaners or ground personnel find stuff on board or in the waiting area and bring it to one of the three transfer desks at Schiphol. They call us and we pick up the item and start our investigation. Who was in that seat? Did the passenger catch a connecting flight? How can we reach them? And how much time do we have to return it to them?”

What kind of stuff do you find?

“Telephones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, hats, jackets, toys, keys. I reckon we’ve returned thousands of items starting with ‘i’ or ‘e’… But regardless of whether it’s a laptop or a teddy bear, the owners are equally thrilled when they’re returned. We recently found a leather-bound book. Now you might think it’s just a book, but it turned out to be an heirloom with immense emotional value. The owner burst into tears when we returned it to her.”


What’s the strangest item ever left behind by a passenger?

“A Zimmer frame, we call it ‘looprek’.”

Huh? But then how did…?

“That’s exactly what we thought. But apparently it belonged to a lady who had been picked up at the gate with a wheelchair. So she probably had a pretty smooth journey, until she got home and thought: there’s something missing…”

What are the most memorable matches?

“It really is fantastic when you manage to trace an owner after a long search. Or when you’re a step ahead of the game and call the owner before they even realise they’ve lost their laptop or phone. Or when you see a serious businessman boarding his flight with a huge smile on his face. Some passengers are so delighted that they hug you. Who wouldn’t want a job like that?”

What happens to items that you can’t match with a passenger?

“If we haven’t managed to trace the owner within three days, we hand the item over to the Lost & Found department at the airport, and they handle it according to their standard procedure.”

Bennart’s phone rings. The owner of a Samsung Galaxy is apparently in the Arrival Hall. Bennart has to pass through security to get from Team Lost&Found’s headquarters to the Arrival Hall. That means he has to take his jacket and belt off, put his bag through the scanner and get frisked by a security officer. He sometimes has to go through this procedure twenty times a day. We meet the passenger at the information desk and ask him to describe his phone. Unfortunately, it’s not the one we have with us. Bennart starts phoning frantically. It turns out that this passenger’s Samsung has been handed in to Schiphol staff. “Stay here,” says Bennart. “I need to handle this.” Within ten minutes, he’s back with Klaas, who works for Schiphol, and they check if the phone really belongs to the waiting passenger. It does. Case closed. All’s well that ends well.



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Rose E. Kreutz

On Saturday, March 7, 2015, I left a jacket on flight KL 1607
which departed from Amsterdam and landed in Rome about
7:15 PM. The jacket was a reversible white (with a navy interior) and had “ALASKA” on the front. It has special meaning to me, so I hope that it can be retrieved.
Thank you, Rose E. Kreutz

Team Sherlock

Hello Rose, Thanks for your message. Team Sherlock tries to find the owner of items lost at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. As you lost your jacket on the flight to Rome we kindly advise you to contact the Rome Lost&Found department via I hope they found it for you!

Monique McCarthy (née McKechnie)

Hello! I am hoping to say hello to a long lost friend of mine – Bennart Laansma. If you could tell him it’s Monique from Australia we met in 1992 in Bali when he first started at KLM!

Rose E. Kreutz

On Saturday 3/7/15 I arrived in Rome on FlightKL 1607 from Amsterdam around 7 PM. My jacket was left on the plane
….it is white with ALASKA printed on the front and has a navy
blue reversible inside. The jacket means alot to me so hope
you can help me find it.

Bonnie Parren

Hi Rose, you probably missed our earlier message to you. Here it is again:

Team Sherlock tries to find the owner of items lost at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. As you lost your jacket on the flight to Rome we kindly advise you to contact the Rome Lost&Found department via I hope they found it for you!

Marnix van der Feltz


I forgot an ipad (white 128gb, incl Logitech keyboard) on an AlItalia plane from Rome to Amsterdam yesterday (6 april). Flight nr. KL3404 (scheduled departure from Rome 15.15). Seat 29c

Thanks for the help in retrieving it!!


Hello Marnix, we are sorry to hear you forgot your iPad. We are going to ask our Sherlock team if they have found it and come back to you as soon as possible.


Unfortunately our Sherlock Team did not find your iPad, Marnix. We would like to advise you to fill in the Lost & Found form of Schiphol Airport via

Refos Gregory


Goedemiddag Sherlock Klm,

Ik ben vandaag terug gekomen met een vlucht vanuit Paramaribo.
Ik ben een mapje met foto’s vergeten bij mijn stoel.
De foto’s hebben voor mij enorm veel emotionele waarde.
Mijn vlucht nummer was KL0714 en ik zat op stoel nr. 16a.

Ik hoop u hierbij voldoende te hebben geinformeerd, en hoop zo
spoedig mogenlijk bericht te krijgen.


Gregory Refos


Wat vervelend om te horen dat je dit mapje bent vergeten, Gregory. We begrijpen dat je deze snel terug wilt hebben. Zojuist hebben wij ons Lost & Found team ingeschakeld om te kijken of de foto’s zijn gevonden. Zodra we meer weten komen we bij je terug!


Helaas heeft ons Sherlock Team het mapje met foto’s niet gevonden, Gregory. We raden je aan om het Lost & Found formulier van Schiphol in te vullen via We hopen dat je snel weer wordt herenigd met je fotomapje!


I lost a pair of black Balenciaga sunglasses yesterday. They are in a soft, black case with a gold zipper. I may have lost them at the Lufthansa check-in or ticket counter (at about 10 am on 25 April) but I can’t find a telephone number for either the Lufthansa counter nor Schiphol List and Found that I can call from abroad (so, a non 0900 number). When I call List and Found on the published +31207940800 I get a message that the number is not in service?

Can you help?



Hi – I left my Ipad mini on flight KL1666 yesterday coming back to amsterdam from Barcelona – i was in seat 14C. it has a picture of 2 little ones on the screen and a black magnetic flip cover. can you tell me if it has been handed in?
thanks very much shona

Maureen Hall

My Mother Maureen Hall lost her purse on a flight form Lourdes to Liverpool on Friday the 31st of July (Ryan Air). She called to cancel her credit card and they advised that this card had been cancelled and her purse was in Amsterdam Airport. It had been on a KLM4u flight.

It is a radley black purse with various cards and a driving licence and £40 English cash. Could you advise if you have it at the lost and found. Please could you email me on the above address as my Mothers internet is not worrking.

Kind regards

Anna Hall

Maureen Hall

Any luck with the above post. Please could you contact me directly regarding my Mothers Purse name Maureen Hall. description above.

Kind Regards

Anna Hall

Mark Jones

Hello Team Sherlock,

I arrived at Schiphol airport this evening on Flight KL1478 from Glasgow. I left my iPad in seat 08F on this plane. Is there any chance of retrieving this? I am staying at a hotel at the airport tonight and tomorrow night.

Many thanks for your time


Priscilla Jenkins

Hello. I lost my passport yesterday in the Shiphol airport. I was waiting on B24 for the flight KL1875 to departure at 16:35 to Stuttgart, Germany. I’ve already contact the airport and they said nothing has been found so I’m hoping you can help me, because I’m sure that’s the last time I saw it. The passport is blue and it has an orange smiley sticker on it. Please PLEASE, it’s very important, contact me for further details. Thanks.

Bonnie Parren

Hi Priscilla,
I can imagine it’s very important indeed. I’ll pass it on to our service dept.


Hello Priscilla, we are sorry to learn you lost your passport. All identity documents will be handed over to the military police. We advise you to contact them and we hope you will be reunited with it soon!

John Humphrey

I am sure that I left my Mini Ipad on flight KL644 JFK to AMS 3rd-4th Oct either in seat pocket 15E or 15D so keeping fingers cross that it has been found.
Yours faithfully
John Humphrey

Ik heb mijn jas laten liggen in vlucht kl701 vertrokken op 18-10 om 21:05. Stoel 12k. Ik ben uitgestapt in Buenos Aires. De vlucht ging door naar Santiago de Chili.
De jas lag in het bagage compartiment boven de zitplaats. Het is een effen groen grijs achtige jas van technisch (outdoor) materiaal. Merk TAD Tripple Aught Design.
Alvast bedankt
Groet Rob Dubbers

Devi Ann

Hello, I believe I left a small black 2015 day planner (and pencil) on one of the following flights:

Oct 16, 2015:
KL 642 from JFK to AMS in seat 5F

Devi Ann

Hello, I believe I left a small black 2015 day planner (and pencil) on one of the following flights:

Oct 16, 2015:
KL642 from JFK to AMS
Seat 5F

Oct 17, 2015:
KL597 from AMS to Cape Town
Seat 1H

Please advise and thank you in advance!

Kelvin Ekberg

Great story, with happy endings. Love it.

anika bink

Beste klm, ik ben vandaag met kl0735 naar curacao gevlogen en helaas mijn ereader vergeten. Ik zat op stoel 60J. Zouden jullie kunnen nagaan of deze gevonden is? Alvast veel dank! Groet, anika



I have forgotten my ipad at the flight KL 0621 from Amsterdam to Atlanta on Oct 21st. at the magazine storage. Seat 32k. Is an Ipad without any protection or keyboard.

Thanks for your help.

is really important for me to recover the pictures and information inside.

best regards

joan porro

Katinka Reuling

23 oktober vlucht KL 2414 van amsterdam naar londen city, stoel 12 C e reader vergeten. Merk is KOBO met rode hoes. Morgen 25 oktber vlieg ik terug. Graag hoor ik of jullie de e reader hebben gevonden

Linda Marcus

Hello those two I pads are probably mine were they found on flight kl 0855 ams Seoul 22 okt one with blue cover one with black cover I did pm lost and found please inform asap as I am worried regards Linda


Hi I have left 2 passports on your flight KL1341 om October 24 travelling to billund via Amsterdam, seat 22c. i have tried various avenues to get KLM to help but it has been negative so far. I have not got any response via Social media or email. Calls are being passed around. A Malaysian and a Danish passport. Please help!!!

Bonnie Parren

We’ll let someone look into that Ranjini.


We are sorry to learn you lost your passports, Ranjini. All identity documents will be handed over to the military police. We advise you to contact them and we hope you will be reunited with them soon!

Ralf Torenz

Dear Ladieis and Gentlemen,

on Wednesday the 21.oct 2015 I left my black coat from the trade mark Bugatti in the plane from BRE to AMS with the flight KL 1754.

Please can you help me to get it back?

Regards Ralf Torenz

Lauren Tanner

Hi, I think my pandora bracelet fell off on my KLM 662 from Houston, TX to Amsterdam. I was sitting in seat 30G.

The bracelet is silver with a rose gold clasp.


Andy Mills

I left my gold iPad Air 2 in a blue case on my flight from AMS to ATL yesterday (DL 9672) – reported it, but nobody has seen it yet…could use some help…


Hi I left my External Hard Drive on my flight from Amsterdam to Bristol on Tuesday morning (17 Nov). Flight KL1049. It’s a Western Digital – Passport external hard drive (Colour Silver, Case Black). I left it in the magazine holder pocket in the seat. I was sitting in seat 20C. Can you please let me know if this been handed into the lost and found department. Thanks


We are sorry to learn you forgot your External Hard Drive on board, Garreth. All items found on board will be handed over to the airport of arrival. We therefore would like to advise you to contact the Lost & Found department in Bristol. We hope you will be reunited with it soon!

David Costello

we have left a small, soft, blue, baby’s comforter rabbit on KLM 1506 from NWI-AMS this morning. Is there any way of getting this back? I called Schipol lost and found and they said I should use the Sherlock service on 0031 206450490. I have tried the number but have not been able to speak to anyone.


Received an email about a recovered iteml from an domain. Is this legitimate u or a scam attempt? I have not travelled with klm for a while

Stephan van de Wall

Beste Sherlock,

ik heb mij eerder gemeld bij de balie in 6 in november van dit jaar. Ik was mijn leesbril kwijtgeraakt op de vlucht van Chicago naar Amsterdam. De bril was gevonden, doch inmiddels onderweg naar KLM lost & found, ik moest even wachten. Tot op heden is mijn bril, die dus ergens op Schiphol moet zijn, nog niet boven water en dus weer lost.
Gegevens: vlucht KL0612, vrijdag 30 november, van Chicago naar Amsterdam, stoel 77A, upper deck business class. Leesbril, montuur aan de bovenkant en pootjes grijs, 1 pootje staat een beetje naar buiten. Zit in blauwkleurig harde etui met brillendoekje er in. Vergeten in opbergvak zijkant van mijn stoel.

Ik heb al eerder de formulieren online ingevuld voor KLM Lost and Found. Voor mij nog steeds KLM Lost and Lost Again.

Ik hoop dat u nog iets kunt betekenen.

Met vriendelijke groeten, prettige feestdagen en happy findings in 2016.

Stephan van de Wall
Deputy Consul General
Netherlands Consulate General Chicago


Wat vervelend om te horen, Stephan! We begrijpen dat je graag met je bril herenigd wilt worden. De gevonden voorwerpen die niet worden opgehaald worden overgedragen aan de Lost & Found afdeling van Schiphol Airport. We raden je daarom aan om met hen contact op te nemen. Meer informatie kun je vinden via

Corinne Rüfenacht

My aunt lost her ipad mini in a red case, yestesday at the flight number 685 Amsterdam-Mexico seats 44J ou 44K, her name is Jasmine Rüfenacht (ticket 0742493391171), please help us getting it back. Thank you so much.

Cathy Dunson

Hi KLM Blog & Team. I just wanted to share a suggestion. I realize this ad (video) is a campaign and the adorable dog is not really used. It’d make great add on publicity to actually have him on team as mascot. Give more legitimacy. The reason I bring this to your attention is I shared the video on our facebook page and have had almost 5 million views and glowing comments on it. Really gives folks a lift. Sadly, when one tries to find if the story is true, they are disappointed. Would be a great and inexpensive follow up and always a smile if you made the little guy a team member. God bless!! Cathy

Arhold Israel

I left a notepad on my sea to FL 1 1 Klm airlines on Feb 9, 2016 FLIGHT 597which arrived in Capetown at 10:35pm

Stalder Mathieu

Hello I flew today on flight KL1928 from geneva to amseterdam and forgot a white jumper in the plane (it’s white with black pattern on the front and a hoody, looks pretty new), I was seating at the back of the plane seat 32, can you please help me to get it back my booking number is YUHLH5

Kashif Zeeshan


I flew from Toronto to Amsterdam on KLM 0692. I was sitting on 36A and lost a SD card (Transcend) for my Apple Macbook.

Please can you help me return it. I am based in Dubai and flying back on KLM 0427.

Rebecca O Donnell

I left a “kobo” e-reader, white front, silver back, 6″ screen on a connecting flight from Abu Dhabi, seat 23k, flight number kl438,it was left in the seat pocket, I have emailed lost and found in schipol numerous times and unfortunately,for some reason,nobody checked the seat pocket to hand it in, it was a gift from someone very special and important to me and had such sentimental value! It would mean a lot if it could be returned . Thank you

Irina Nussbaumer

Dear Lost & Found Team

I am looking for my lost duty free bag. (transperence plastic bag with cosmetics in it). It was left on board of a plane coming from Seoul to Amsterdam on the 21.04.2016 flight number AF8421 (seat 23A)

After I noticed that I`d left it on board I reperted this immidiately to the lost&found counter at the arrival hall. I was told that they will check on the plane (it was still there) and bring me the bag to the connecting flight to Basel. Unfortunately it didn`t work out.

Today on the 27.04. I received the notification from the lost and found department from the amsterdam airport that the item had not been handed over to them.

Could you please check if my bag has been handed over to you.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance and help


We are sorry to learn you forgot your bag on board, Irina. After 3 days all items found by the KLM Lost & Found team, will be handed over to the airport Lost & Found department at Schiphol Airport. We therefore advise you to fill in the lost & found form via If your item has been found, you will be contacted.

Peter duifhuizen

Yesterday evening i arrived on a flight from buda pest. Kl 1978 . I forgot my ipad on the plane and phoned lost and found whilst still in the airport. My ipad was returned to me before i left the airport.
Herewith i would like to express my gratitude for a fantastic service and attendance from the ladies in the team sherlock.
You made my day

Kaushik Vedpathak

Hello, I forgot my iPad mini in flight from Humberside to Amsterdam (kl1498) on August 18. I have left a message on Facebook messenger to KLM but no reply. Can you please help to find it?

Carolina Ulloa Parra

Hi dear KLM,
On Friday 29-12-16 I took the flight AF8228 from CDG to AMS. There is any chance I have left my mini iPad silver color with a red magnetic cover at the plane? My original seat was 49 but then I changed to 27F (hall) . Many thx for your time and Happy new year.

Cornelia Beemsterboer

I lost my watch in flight KL 1927 Amsterdam-Geveva on 22th december 2016. It is a goldcoloured Seiko watch and band. I deeply regret the lost. Departure time 09.30 uur from Schiphol. I think I lost it while putting my backpack on. I hope you can help me.

Alan Moseley

Hello KLM,

My wife left her iPad on KL427 from Amsterdam to Dubai on 21/2/17. There were three of us traveling in our family on row 19 seats H J and K. My wife sat in the middle seat on the row and the iPad was left in the seat pocket. Thank you in advance for any help retrieving it.


Shin bo ram

My friend left ferragamo belt on airport security . My friend name is oh kwang hwan . My friend’s fry number is KL1665. Please find it.

Jon Asle Andersen

Hi KLM lost and found team!

My 6 year old daughter lost her pink ipad mini on flight KL 1203 from Amsterdam to Sola, Norway today 22.07.2017 (departing Amsterdam at 16.10). She sat in seat 7F. We have checked at the airport in Sola however the ipad was not found there so it has probably returned to Amsterdam on flight KL1204.

I hope you can help us :)

Jon Asle

Daniel (danipad)

Have u had any iPads handed into you with a slightly cracked screen in a black leather case with stickers on it one saying love

A.C Tjonkonjoe

Ik heb 10 okt. l.l. mijn regenjas + 2 brillen in het vliegtuig vergeten. Mijn vlucht KL 1286 van Edinburgh naar Amsterdam. Aankomst Amsterdamom 17.30 uur.

Christian Hampe

My son Christianleft his wristband on the flight KL1874 yesterday 4. November 2017) from Stuttgard Tor Amsterdam. He was sitting i think in row number 17F, he was the only Person in the row. It is a wristband made ou with 2 Brown leader stripes with a Silver locking piece. We would be happy to get it back. Please contact us. He is now on his way to México that’s why i contact you. Hope you can help us. Thanks in advance Angela



I lost a gold earing (ooring) on flight KL0672 to Amsterdam on oct 23, seat 10 A.

It would be so awsome if your team had found it. Thanx!


ihave fligh with KL627 e ticket 074 1296032678 business class seat 2B and i have lost my i phone 6 in this seat.
It is sure that the i phone 6 in the seat is.

IF you found the i phone is it possible to cal 00316638001131 or mail :

rene poort

Kim Lammertse

Hai Rene,

I can’t help you, but my colleagues can. If you want, you can send KLM a whatsapp (+31 20 649 0787) and our service agents will answer you soon as possible. Also via Facebook and Twitter we can help you out. Best of luck for you and Ans

iain williamson

hello I had a flight from bkk to abz and think that I may have left my tablet on the plane when arriving at abz 01/11/2017


Hi team Sherlock
I was traveling Amsterdam to south Africa Jan 7th 2018
Arrived in joburg 8th Jan 2018
It was a white Samsung phone with no back its not the phone it’s my SD card in it I really want all baby pics etc
It’d be really great to here back from use

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