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While the water surface seems to stretch out in front of us like some giant mirror reaching out to the horizon, we hear a band start to play. And, wherever you hear music in Africa, you won’t see people standing still. One by one, Africans start shaking their hips. In no time at all, there’s… read more »

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From Amsterdam to China with manufacturing and luxury goods, from China to Africa with construction goods and electronics, and back to Amsterdam with flowers and vegetables. By establishing this unique cargo triangle, KLM is the first in the world to operate a direct freighter link between Europe, China and Africa. While others gear down, KLM… read more »

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16 december Tanzania - Blue Giraffe

Tanzania is one of my wife’s favourite destinations. Faithful followers of my blog will know that she’s a professional traveller, while I spend most of my time at home, exploring the world from my desk chair. This is unfair, of course, but stay-at-home travel has certain advantages. I can, for instance, browse through thousands of… read more »