Is This The Future Of Aviation?

These days, aircraft consist largely of a cylindrical fuselage with wings attached. The design has been in use for decades. A new study—called AHEAD—shows that aircraft design can be different. Could this be the future of aviation? AHEAD stands for Advanced Hybrid Engine Aircraft Development. AHEAD is a long-term aircraft design study led by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands along with a variety of academic and manufacturing partners throughout the world. KLM Engineering & Maintenance participated in this study and helped design the AHEAD Aircraft that can carry 300

De-ice Ice Baby

It’s still freezing outside, which means our aircraft need to be de-iced. It’s during days like these that the ladies and gentlemen of KLM De-Icing do everything they can to make sure your plane is ready for departure. Allow me to explain what their work entails. Maybe you’ve been aboard a plane, just before take-off, when it is suddenly surrounded by boom lifts that start spraying the aircraft with powerful jets of fluid. Was the whole aircraft shrouded in a vapour cloud, making you wonder what was going on? Well, that was de-icing. These photos confirm that de-icing can be pretty…