Is This The Future Of Aviation?

These days, aircraft consist largely of a cylindrical fuselage with wings attached. The design has been in use for decades. A new study—called AHEAD—shows that aircraft design can be different. Could this be the future of aviation? AHEAD stands for Advanced Hybrid Engine Aircraft Development. AHEAD is a long-term aircraft design study led by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands along with a variety of academic and manufacturing partners throughout the world. KLM Engineering & Maintenance participated in this study and helped design the AHEAD Aircraft that can carry 300

My Best Shots of the New 747 Livery

It’s Friday, 4:55 PM. Most people are bringing in the weekend, but not me. I am fired up and ready to go. In just a few short moments I will have to “do my thing” and utilize every second the much anticipated plane is descending onto Amsterdam grounds. Amongst me stand a few select fellow Aviation Photographers, both anxious for the arrival of the Boeing 747, freshly painted with the new KLM Livery. I know what to do: get the best shot possible. I can almost taste the excitement when the clock hits 5:00 PM and a white and blue aircraft starts appearing through the clouds. Suddenly it’s