Picking Up a Brand New Plane At The Factory

As you’re reading this, we’re preparing to fly this brand new aircraft home to Amsterdam from the Boeing plant in Seattle. Everyone at KLM has been looking forward to this joyous and momentous occasion for quite some time. In this blog, I’d like to tell you what it’s like to pick up a new plane. Ordering a new plane is quite a big deal for an airline. You place an order, sign the contract, the plane is built and eventually you head over to pick it up at the factory. There’s usually a gap of several years between signing the contract and picking up the plane. During that time, all sorts…

Is This The Future Of Aviation?

These days, aircraft consist largely of a cylindrical fuselage with wings attached. The design has been in use for decades. A new study—called AHEAD—shows that aircraft design can be different. Could this be the future of aviation? AHEAD stands for Advanced Hybrid Engine Aircraft Development. AHEAD is a long-term aircraft design study led by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands along with a variety of academic and manufacturing partners throughout the world. KLM Engineering & Maintenance participated in this study and helped design the AHEAD Aircraft that can carry 300