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30 januari Biokerosine

When it comes to the environment, KLM is a high-flyer. The first test flight using biofuel in 2009 has now led to official certification. With the permission and approval of all the relevant authorities, KLM carried out in the autumn of 2011 a series of commercial flights between Amsterdam and Paris fuelled by processed frying… read more »

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It was early January 2008 in Bali, the Island of Gods, when I decided to continue my studies in Holland. Going to the Netherlands had been my childhood dream. I’d heard and read all of the wonderful stories about the country, about how the Dutch have fought against the water and, of course, their famous… read more »

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Eerste vlucht aankomst SPL

Last week we mentioned in our blog how KLM started on 17 May 1920, with the leased ‘De Havilland DH.16 G-EALU’ (also known as the DH.9A) captained by the British pilot H. ‘Jerry’ Shaw. This week, the sequel to this milestone. As described in the last part, the first flight was operated with an aircraft… read more »

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High and mighty

There’s a danger in using too much airline slang when among people who don’t work in the business. I remember occasions, mostly at parties, when I enthusiastically rattled on about my work not noticing that the expressions on the faces of my audience were getting more and more hazy. Next thing people would begin looking… read more »