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Before every flight cabin crew at KLM hold a pre-flight briefing. Obviously, flight safety and security, and the specific details for that flight are discussed every time. But another – unwritten – purpose of these briefings, is to check out your colleagues, and find the spirit of this team that has never worked together in… read more »

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2 februari Tomo Harada

You can get all kinds of travel deals these days. You can get a seat on a plane for less than what you would pay for lunch, or a seat that will cost you a year’s savings. But regardless of how much you pay to make your life easy, you sometimes pull the short straw.… read more »

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Blueblog 44 Standby friends

Last week I was on standby again. In a former blog, I wrote about these two-week shifts, during which we have to be available for KLM in the event of disruptions or if a colleague has fallen ill. I’d moved to the countryside since my last standby shift and this means an extra hour’s drive… read more »

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Fly Away

There was this merry lady on a bike – a pretty little girl in an infant seat at the front, a playful looking boy in the backseat. I was on my way to the airport and she stopped as she passed me. “Excuse me, what about swapping our lives?”, she suggested. “You take care of… read more »