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There’s nowhere I’ve seen people kiss as much as at the airport. Kisses on the lips. Some short, some long. Kisses on the cheeks. Playful or tender kisses on the forehead. And, not to forget, kisses blown across lengths of bank line to reach their loved ones as they depart. Glowing with love, they watched… read more »

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Sometimes I get hopelessly lost looking for answers. Take this delightful decorative door, for example, set in a thick wall upon which the surrounding foliage has projected a superb shadowscape. It isn’t hard to imagine an Indonesian Wayang master using this as a backdrop for a romantic encounter between two shadow puppets. Those may seem… read more »

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It was early January 2008 in Bali, the Island of Gods, when I decided to continue my studies in Holland. Going to the Netherlands had been my childhood dream. I’d heard and read all of the wonderful stories about the country, about how the Dutch have fought against the water and, of course, their famous… read more »