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The last time I was here, we called this city Peking. At that time, there were far fewer cars and many more bikes. I miss the bicycles. Beijing has been modernised. The metro system works well and stops at Tiananmen Square. So, when you come up to street level, you find yourself looking right at… read more »

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Over the past ten years I have taken a lot of trips to training camps and competitions throughout the world; Melbourne, Korea, Pretoria, Seattle and Venezuela to sum up a few. As a swimmer with the Dutch National Team, you always want to be as fit as possible — especially after a long flight. If… read more »

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Photo - Jesse Warren

Whenever I feel cocky and think I’m starting to get a grip on the world, I remind myself of China and realise how ignorant I really am. Until about a week ago, I knew the names of three Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I’d read about other cities in articles, but somehow their… read more »

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If your job portfolio at KLM includes ‘International PR’, you can’t avoid a certain amount of ‘duty travel’ now and then. That’s why I found myself at Schiphol airport for the Tuesday evening flight to Beijing. Once onboard, I stretched out in Business Class and left the worries of the day behind me. I wondered… read more »