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World cities have a magical effect on me. They inspire me. They energise me in an indescribable way. They fill me with warmth. It feels a little bit like love — a kind of welcome-to-my-world feeling. That’s why I fly at least once a year to my BFF of all destinations: New York City! About… read more »

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13 januari New York - Ottomanelli5in

I recently spent a couple of magical hours in New York. Being a seasoned traveller, I avoided the busier gateways – JFK, La Guardia, Grand Central Station, Ellis Island – opting instead to access The Big Apple via a place called Jisp, just north of Amsterdam, using the most comfortable mode of transport in the… read more »

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1 miljardst_9

‘Congratulations! You are the 100,000th visitor to this supermarket and you have won one whole week of free shopping! Please smile for the camera…’ You only see this in strip cartoons. Don’t you? Tuesday evening, 18 October. Still enjoying the memories of four fantastic days in The Big Apple, we arrive at John F. Kennedy… read more »