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Tropical temperatures and prevailing winds guarantee a pleasant stay on Bonaire, a Dutch community in the Caribbean. Kralendijk is the largest place, yet is still small and easy to get around. It has a harbour for cruise ships, a yacht marina, a charming boulevard, and great bars and restaurants. No one is in a hurry… read more »

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I have made a startling discovery: while only three KLM destinations begin with the letters I and J – Istanbul, Johannesburg and Jakarta – no fewer than nine destinations begin with the letter K. What’s even more intriguing is that ten KLM destinations begin with L, and twelve begin with M! Conclusion? There must be… read more »

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Our Dutch ancestors really were quite ruthless in their quest for new lands and wealth beyond the horizon. Their conquests to the east and south and west still echo to this day in the bonds between the Netherlands and its former colonies. My father, born in 1919, grew up in Indonesia and eventually returned to… read more »