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Beer and bistros, but also Brussels sprouts and bureaucracy – these are the first things that spring to mind when I hear the word Brussels. Closely followed by “avoid at all costs when travelling by car”. Not many people know this, but the beltways around European capitals like Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels are not designed… read more »

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My father travelled all over the world exhibiting and selling medical instruments. He always took pictures of the cities he visited, as I’ve mentioned before. When my father passed away, I was lumped with the arduous task of selecting the best of his slides. I’m embarrassed to admit that I ended up throwing away two… read more »

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Buenos Aires 1946

Last Monday, I was a member of the crew on the first KLM flight to Buenos Aires. After an absence of ten years, KLM is back in this beautiful Argentinian city. Even though I had never been to Buenos Aires before, this destination has always been very special for me. As a matter of fact,… read more »

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Buenos Aires gekleurde huizen

After an absence of 10 years, KLM will resume scheduled services between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport on Monday 31 October. It’s about time we meet the capital and largest city of Argentina. After Brazil, Argentina is the second largest country in South America. It has great cultural diversity, as well as… read more »

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Buenos Aires

“Nice Air” – that’s what I thought Buenos Aires meant. Which just goes to show how ignorant I am. The truth is always more complicated. Especially if you consult your wife. Allow me to explain. The Argentine capital was founded twice. The first time round it was named Santa María del Buen Aire (“Our Lady… read more »