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Plane spotting – that was the wish Mr Horn put up in the wishing tree at the nursing home. Cabin attendant Cindy Hendriks heard about his wish and decided to see what she could do for him. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, because KLM gets lots of requests for tours and surprises, most of… read more »

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I’d like to take you on a trip to L.A. with this photo blog. A peek into my life as cabin crew member. If you want to find out what we did in LA, read my other KLM blog. – Valerie – 6:30 beautiful morning in Amsterdam. Waking up and having a cup of yogi… read more »

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The last time I was here, we called this city Peking. At that time, there were far fewer cars and many more bikes. I miss the bicycles. Beijing has been modernised. The metro system works well and stops at Tiananmen Square. So, when you come up to street level, you find yourself looking right at… read more »

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In February this year, I completed my flight training for a new aircraft type: the Airbus A330. My first trip with this new aircraft was to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. This made me think of “Lucy”, whose remains were uncovered here in 1973. She lived 3.2 million years ago and, based on the theory of… read more »

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The Red Book 2

Whenever you hear KLM cabin crew members refer to the Big Red Book, don’t confuse this with the writings of Chairman Mao. Our Big Red Book is the Flight Safety and Security Manual, which is big and bright red. For two days every year, our knowledge of airline safety and security is tested. The first… read more »

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First introduction

If there’s one thing that still amazes me after working as a flight attendant for so many years, it’s how we manage to build a team during each and every flight. Mind you, most of us have never met before. We usually meet for the first time around an hour before departure. While introducing ourselves,… read more »