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Punta Cana

Last week, I wrote a blog about Mexico, lampooning some of the stereotypical ideas people have about Mexicans. Unfortunately, some readers did not read the whole blog and subsequent comments from readers which helped set the record straight and revealed some interesting facts about Mexican history and culture. This week I intend to tread more… read more »

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Panama Boat

(A short story inspired by photos my wife took in Panama.) “You can never give enough money to a poor man,” smiled ferryman Raphael, pocketing his fee and steering his canoe into the choppy waters off El Porvenir. “Kuna. Like me,” he said proudly, nodding to the colourful family of five, who had quickly leapt… read more »

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Our Dutch ancestors really were quite ruthless in their quest for new lands and wealth beyond the horizon. Their conquests to the east and south and west still echo to this day in the bonds between the Netherlands and its former colonies. My father, born in 1919, grew up in Indonesia and eventually returned to… read more »