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19 december hand baggage

The holiday season is coming up again and many of us will be flying around the world to be with our loved ones. During the coming weeks,  our airport (Schiphol) and the other airports in our network will be crowded with passengers leaving the country or continuing on their way to the next destination. Of… read more »

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There’s nowhere I’ve seen people kiss as much as at the airport. Kisses on the lips. Some short, some long. Kisses on the cheeks. Playful or tender kisses on the forehead. And, not to forget, kisses blown across lengths of bank line to reach their loved ones as they depart. Glowing with love, they watched… read more »

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23 december Parijs

Do you remember our first Christmas in Paris? How I took the train from Amsterdam to Gare du Nord? How I skimped and saved my paltry student loan to buy the ticket, because I wouldn’t let you pay? How I almost got into a fight and then struck up an absurd conversation with a drunken… read more »

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21 december Blueblog 46 Xmas palmtree

There’s a certain atmosphere in the air during these days before Christmas. In Northern Europe, the days are short, dark and cold. When you walk along the streets and pass all those cosy-looking houses, it makes you long to go inside and spend the rest of the day sitting in front of a roaring fire,… read more »

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Blueblog 42 Christmas

The holiday season is in the air. Halloween has just passed, a few Christmas trees are being decorated already, and literally every shop I enter sells ‘pepernoten’. These small, nut-like cookies are eaten in huge numbers during Saint Nicholas, a children’s feast on 5 December. There’s a buzz among KLM’s cabin crews these days as… read more »