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Curaçao is a favourite destination among KLM crews. That’s no surprise. There’s sun and sea, and a lovely holiday feeling everywhere. That’s especially the case on Fuikdag — the best unorganised boat party in the Caribbean. Fishnet Bay I had requested this trip so I could visit a friend who lives on the island. He… read more »

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What do these three have in common? Any ideas? Here’s a hint: they are NOT the secret ingredients of an international stew served at United Nations banquets. Shikaakwa, al-Qāhira and Guichéng are the original names of cities that start with the letter C in English. Welcome to Part III of my alphabetical series on the… read more »

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28 december Caroline - Ro

I just haven’t been that lucky with my New Year’s Eves abroad so far. I guess the best ones are still to come. I remember my first one. We were high in the sky halfway to Tel Aviv, when our watches told us it was midnight. The handful of passengers who were on board, celebrated… read more »

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Just how happy are we? The scores for well-being may vary from one country to the next but the path to happiness is the same all over the world: family is important and so too are friends at home and at work. KLM took a look at the ingredients for happiness in six different countries.… read more »

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Our Dutch ancestors really were quite ruthless in their quest for new lands and wealth beyond the horizon. Their conquests to the east and south and west still echo to this day in the bonds between the Netherlands and its former colonies. My father, born in 1919, grew up in Indonesia and eventually returned to… read more »