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What’s your wish? I have lots of them. Mostly wishes for other people, but I wouldn’t mind a seaside cottage. My other wish is to keep exploring new countries, like Taiwan. I always buy a travel guide, because I expect to travel alone, although there’s usually someone in the crew who wants to join me.… read more »

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Music makes me smile. It makes me want to dance. It gives me travel fever! I usually compile my DareSheGoes Spotify Playlist after I return from a trip, but this time round it was ready to rock before my schedule was confirmed. I knew I was tempting fate, but I’d started getting songs together the… read more »

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Hooray, an unexpected jaunt on my schedule – a 48-hour stop in Mexico City! I haven’t been there in a while, so I’m really thrilled. It’s a different world altogether. A place of dreams and wonderful experiences. Truly inspiring and enjoyable. An intimate place, too, where Mexican art history was written; where Frida Kahlo was… read more »

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Passengers often ask: what’s your favourite destination? I always chuckle. Rio, Paris, Singapore, New York, South Africa – I love all these places. But Amsterdam is still my absolute favourite. The feeling begins on the homebound flight to Amsterdam. On the train from Schiphol, and then on Tram 1 to my doorstep. Home sweet home.… read more »

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World cities have a magical effect on me. They inspire me. They energise me in an indescribable way. They fill me with warmth. It feels a little bit like love — a kind of welcome-to-my-world feeling. That’s why I fly at least once a year to my BFF of all destinations: New York City! About… read more »

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“I got your card!” my mother says happily over the phone. For as long as I’ve been flying, I’ve sent my parents cards from around the world. My mother keeps them all. She even numbers them. It makes for a great travel story. I visit some destinations more often than others. Each card is a… read more »

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It was my birthday last week. Yet another wonderful year has literally and figuratively flown by. A year in which I discovered new destinations, some of which I had often dreamt about. Cities you really should see at least once in your life. Cities that make you break into dance, shake your hips, smile and… read more »