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If you ever had the opportunity to join us – KLM ground employees -  during an evening break, the first thing that would strike you would be the smell. Here the cuisines of China, Thailand, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands mingle. And everyone who, like me, is mad about delicious, healthy food, swaps recipes for… read more »

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My first name isn’t Richard, it’s Johan. That’s how we (used to) roll in my family. I come from a long line of Johans who were all known by their second names. This lovely tradition was of little consequence until the early 1980s, when the hit series Dallas first appeared on South African television. The… read more »

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Red Fort by Helen Moffett

My wife took off to Delhi today. I didn’t. But there’s no need to feel sorry for me, because I get to play one of my favourite games, which is to come up with all the things I won’t be doing in Delhi in the next three days. I usually play this game all on… read more »