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“French, Russian, Dutch – the Great European Melting Pot.” “What?” “Cultural exchange! Mutual inspiration! Cross-pollination!” My wife is accustomed to me thinking out loud. Her strategy is to ignore me until I get to the point. “That’s what the blog’s going to be about!” She calmly unchains her bike. We’ve just spent a couple of… read more »

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Like a stranger in a strange country: that’s how the Dutchmen must have felt when they were living on the little artificial island of Dejima off the coast of Nagasaki in 1641. Since then, the city has swallowed up the little island but there are plans to separate it again and have it entirely surrounded… read more »

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The Volvo Amazon My father used to drive a Volvo Amazon. A station wagon. White. I have an old movie of him herding the three of us into the back of the car. He then closes the hatch and waves to my mother (camera-mom, who once mystified the entire family by filming two minutes of… read more »