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7 december mist5

In a comment on my last blog, Tom asked me how we deal with angry and frustrated customers when weather conditions disrupt air traffic. He referred to certain comments on Facebook and wondered whether people react the same in ‘real life’ as they do online. During the extreme fog in Holland a few weeks ago,… read more »

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Work out 3

One of the things I always bring along on my flights is my sportswear. But, owing to my lack of discipline, it’s starting to become rather painful to unpack it again, unused, at the end of my trip. The majority of hotels that we stay at have excellent fitness rooms. And it isn’t that I… read more »

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high heals

Frankly, it never occurred to me that they would actually hire me when I applied for the job of cabin attendant at KLM. Sure, I did want that job badly. What better could one dream of than getting paid for travelling around the world? I presumed – no, I was convinced – that I wouldn’t… read more »