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I like the people of Ghana, they are friendly and easy to get along with and I enjoy walking around Accra visiting the markets. Here, everybody gathers to chat, flirt and do business. Near our hotel there is a fish market and that’s where I’m headed today. You had better put on some old flip-flops.… read more »

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While the water surface seems to stretch out in front of us like some giant mirror reaching out to the horizon, we hear a band start to play. And, wherever you hear music in Africa, you won’t see people standing still. One by one, Africans start shaking their hips. In no time at all, there’s… read more »

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Standby to travel

In general, we receive our flight roster about four weeks in advance. But a few times a year we work in a standby shift that lasts two weeks. During that time you haven’t got a clue what your days will look like. KLM can call me anytime, sending me anywhere, for any number of days.… read more »