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Over the past ten years I have taken a lot of trips to training camps and competitions throughout the world; Melbourne, Korea, Pretoria, Seattle and Venezuela to sum up a few. As a swimmer with the Dutch National Team, you always want to be as fit as possible — especially after a long flight. If… read more »

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Sit up straight! Pay attention! I’ve received distressing reports that some of you have fallen asleep, so it’s time for a wake-up call: the Headmaster’s Where’s-Where Quiz of Cities Starting with H. Listen closely because I will explain this only once. Hey, come back here! Sit down! The concept is simple: I’ll explain the origin… read more »

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If your job involves flying around the world and visiting foreign places, it suggests that you learn about all those different cultures easily. But, as I already wrote in a previous blog, I find it hard to get to know ‘the heart’ of a place and its people during my short stopovers. At KLM, there’s… read more »

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Hong Kong tekst

Imagine a door with four locks, behind which is hidden a secret message. Now imagine yourself running through a maze looking for the keys to the four locks. When you have all four keys, you have to turn them in the right order to open the door. And when the door finally swings open, you… read more »

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Social life takes planning

Every Thursday around noon, you might notice a certain turmoil among KLM cabin crew. Because that’s when our new flight rosters are published: we log in to our intranet en masse from all over the world to check our schedules for the next month. We do get the opportunity to make requests for flights, but… read more »

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Photo - Jesse Warren

Whenever I feel cocky and think I’m starting to get a grip on the world, I remind myself of China and realise how ignorant I really am. Until about a week ago, I knew the names of three Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I’d read about other cities in articles, but somehow their… read more »