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In my work as a cabin attendant, I get to see some fantastic destinations. Many are well worth returning to in my own private time. I fly within Europe and intercontinentally. I love the combination. When I began working for KLM in 2002, we usually started by flying only within Europe. I remember my first… read more »

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Harm Kreulen blogt over een ondernemer die hem in het bijzonder heeft geïnspireerd tijdens het Wereldveroveraars-seminar: Duncan Stutterheim, eigenaar van ID&T. De dancefeestenorganisator Duncan Stutterheim gaf tijdens het KLM Open een presentatie op het Wereldveroveraars-seminar. Zijn verhaal vond ik om verschillende redenen inspirerend. Allereerst is het een aansprekend product dat zij in de markt zetten:… read more »

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Joost Kling (28 jaar) is eigenaar van EatDutchWaffles , een stroopwafelmerk gevestigd in Amerika en Nederland waarmee hij de wereld wil veroveren. Per 1 juli is het product verkrijgbaar op alle intercontinentale vluchten van KLM. Joost hoort tot een groep van tien wereldveroveraars die door KLM, het FD en BNR gevolgd worden in hun ondernemingsactiviteiten… read more »

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We all have to make choices in life. Some are easy, some difficult, some interesting. For me personally, the most interesting choice I ever had to make was between a career as a physician and one as an airline pilot. The year was 1999, the last year of my medical studies and I still had… read more »

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I recently changed jobs within KLM. I went from operations to communications. One of the perks of being a social media editor is that doors open easily. Last week, together with two colleagues, I went on my first ‘field trip’ to the KLM Engine Shop, located at Schiphol Airport. The Director of Business Strategy, Eric… read more »

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Before every flight cabin crew at KLM hold a pre-flight briefing. Obviously, flight safety and security, and the specific details for that flight are discussed every time. But another – unwritten – purpose of these briefings, is to check out your colleagues, and find the spirit of this team that has never worked together in… read more »

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Anyone who travels knows that no two sips of tap water are the same. The quality of drinking water varies enormously between countries. Water quality is an important point of consideration for KLM, that takes water on board from so many destination airports for the in-bound flights to Amsterdam. Drinking water is available on every… read more »