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The moment I took up the challenge of being city embajador of Madrid for our KLM Twitter account KLM Localeyes, I felt a slight sense of fear. Just imagine, I have never written a travel guide before, or anything like one, and now my personal tips were to be published online, on social media… And… read more »

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In my work as a cabin attendant, I get to see some fantastic destinations. Many are well worth returning to in my own private time. I fly within Europe and intercontinentally. I love the combination. When I began working for KLM in 2002, we usually started by flying only within Europe. I remember my first… read more »

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I’ve been to Barcelona. But it took me quite a while to get there. Twenty-two years, to be exact. The main obstacle proved to be the Pyrenees. And the friends I kept, or course. Friends who enjoyed the great outdoors more than city trips. Friends who preferred different modes of transport – public or private… read more »