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My name is Argelia Reyes. I’ve been with KLM for four years now, and with Air France for 16 years. I work at the Human Resources department in Mexico City. I do a lot of cooking in my spare time, and I love preparing large meals for special occasions like Christmas or family celebrations. Whenever I… read more »

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The show is almost over, dear readers. This is the last of the series in which I try to ascertain the location of the slides I inherited from my father. Previous editions saw us hopping from Spain to Mexico and Sweden, and from France to Turkey and Greece. Here’s hoping the four pictures below will… read more »

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My father saw a lot more of the world than I ever will. The photos of his travels – dating mainly from the 1960s and ’70s – clearly show that he had a fascination for trains, cars and boats. There is also a photo of a helicopter, but there are no photos of planes. Although… read more »

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Mexicans are fun-loving bandits with large hats and moustaches. When they aren’t lazing around in the shade of their sombreros, they’re either robbing banks or swilling tequila and playing guitar, which usually contains a concealed weapon of some sort. This is how Mexicans were portrayed in the cowboy movies and comic books I grew up… read more »

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I was beginning to feel distinctly queasy towards the end of the journey

Our stopover in Mexico City had been excellent. The less excellent part of it started in the crew-bus from the hotel to the airport. We wondered where (and whether!) the driver had ever got his licence. I’ve never experienced such bad driving in my life. For the entire trip he would pull up, slow down… read more »