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My wife and I have decided to retire to Norway. More specifically, to the village of Alnes, just four tunnels and a bridge away from Ålesund, where all new visitors are welcomed with a parade. We’ll be opening a modest wine emporium in Ålesund, as alcohol is clearly the easiest way to earn money (and… read more »

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Terra Icognita - no1 - 2

Before I head off on my summer holiday, I’d like to launch a new series called “Terra Incognita”, in which I’ll be needing your help in identifying an “unknown land” on the basis of three photos. This time round the photos were sent to me by my friend Martin Broekhuis, who has abused my body… read more »

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Probably the last thing I expected to encounter in Bergen was a large group of very young, very rowdy pimps and prostitutes singing their way through the town’s bustling and beautiful harbour, where cruise ships rub shoulders with fishing boats along the busy wharf. Before I had time to fully fathom this unusual cultural phenomenon,… read more »

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I have always wanted to see The Fjords. I’m not sure why. Maybe because they featured in my father’s travel slides, which we begged him to screen three or four times a year, before we got a TV. I was also pretty crazy about Vikings and Prince Valiant back in those days, and I loved… read more »