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“French, Russian, Dutch – the Great European Melting Pot.” “What?” “Cultural exchange! Mutual inspiration! Cross-pollination!” My wife is accustomed to me thinking out loud. Her strategy is to ignore me until I get to the point. “That’s what the blog’s going to be about!” She calmly unchains her bike. We’ve just spent a couple of… read more »

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Four years ago I decided to live like a goddess in France. Not permanently, but just for a few weeks. Six to be exact. Rented a miniscule apartment in the heart of Paris. Rue Beauregard. 2nd arrondissement. 5th floor. 18 square meters to live, shower, cook and sleep. Small. But with a view on the… read more »

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23 december Parijs

Do you remember our first Christmas in Paris? How I took the train from Amsterdam to Gare du Nord? How I skimped and saved my paltry student loan to buy the ticket, because I wouldn’t let you pay? How I almost got into a fight and then struck up an absurd conversation with a drunken… read more »