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I generally feel quite comfortable about my body and age. I hit 49 this month. Okay, so I’m not a spring chicken anymore, but I’m a lean old bird with plenty of experience and savvy. That’s got to be worth something, right? For instance, I know exactly how to take a film crew all over… read more »

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58 world leaders, 50 government aircraft, and the whole world looking over our shoulder – it was quite a challenge to ensure smooth-running operations at Schiphol during the Nuclear Security Summit. Sjoerd Oskam, Security & Safety manager at KLM Ground Services, runs through the four main challenges we faced during the NSS. Challenge 1 |… read more »

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‘Congratulations! You are the 100,000th visitor to this supermarket and you have won one whole week of free shopping! Please smile for the camera…’ You only see this in strip cartoons. Don’t you? Tuesday evening, 18 October. Still enjoying the memories of four fantastic days in The Big Apple, we arrive at John F. Kennedy… read more »

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

You might say that flight crews are professionals in catching flights. So why is it that I become a complete nitwit the moment I’m a passenger myself? Take the last time for instance. First of all, every time I use Schiphol airport, I’m struck by how big it is. This time too, it takes me… read more »

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Two large cranes lift the Fokker 100 into place on the Panorama Terrace.

Since last Wednesday, Schiphol Airport has an new attraction thanks to the KLM Group and especially KLM Cityhopper. On Tuesday a rebuilt KLC Fokker 100 was lifted onto Schiphol’s Panorama Terrace. The Fokker, which will convey the excitement of aviation to the 600,000 visitors every year, features a variety of things to see in terms… read more »