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It was my birthday last week. Yet another wonderful year has literally and figuratively flown by. A year in which I discovered new destinations, some of which I had often dreamt about. Cities you really should see at least once in your life. Cities that make you break into dance, shake your hips, smile and… read more »

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Our request system works perfectly for me. I can almost always put together my own flight schedule. How amazing is that? Japan has to be one of my favourite destinations. It’s fascinating, and I sometimes find myself getting quite ‘lost’. I don’t speak the language. The alphabet looks like ‘hieroglyphics’ to me. But the feeling… read more »

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The small things in life. The warmth of the sun. A smile from a fellow human being. These are things that can make me feel intensely happy. How privileged I am. Flying has made the world around me, in the broadest sense, bigger. More beautiful. More realistic. It keeps both my feet firmly on the… read more »

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It had been on my wish list for some time. Preferably in winter. Atmospheric and challenging ;‑). True to our route schedule, we also fly a 737 to destinations just outside Europe. Destinations like this one where, after ten years of flying, I finally had the chance to visit for twenty-four hours: Moscow! “Hey, Nikita,… read more »

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In my work as a cabin attendant, I get to see some fantastic destinations. Many are well worth returning to in my own private time. I fly within Europe and intercontinentally. I love the combination. When I began working for KLM in 2002, we usually started by flying only within Europe. I remember my first… read more »

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Four years ago I decided to live like a goddess in France. Not permanently, but just for a few weeks. Six to be exact. Rented a miniscule apartment in the heart of Paris. Rue Beauregard. 2nd arrondissement. 5th floor. 18 square meters to live, shower, cook and sleep. Small. But with a view on the… read more »

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Working on an aircraft at over 30,000 feet above sea level has its limitations. For instance, there is no hospital or police station nearby. No bakery, butcher or grocery store either. So when we need something that’s not on board, we have to improvise. We don’t have a magic wand to make it happen. I’ve… read more »