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cabin attendant

I’ve always wondered why the majority of people I meet think that the job of cabin attendant is a typically female thing. It’s an idea that must have grown over the years. According to the stories of retired cabin attendants I spoke to, who used to work in the business in the early years, it… read more »

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There’s hardly a night when I’m not woken up by my not-to-be-ignored bladder. I wouldn’t even call it ‘woken up’; it’s more like a state of half-consciousness in which my body informs the night-guard in my brain about the action that is needed. Preferably I stay as unconscious as possible at such times, so I… read more »

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What to eat?

There’s one thing that I’ve never gotten used to in all the years I’ve worked as a stewardess ? Jetlag. Thousands of articles and books have been written on this subject and I’ve read quite a few of them. But all this paper wisdom only taught me one thing: how to live with it. It… read more »

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Fly Away

There was this merry lady on a bike – a pretty little girl in an infant seat at the front, a playful looking boy in the backseat. I was on my way to the airport and she stopped as she passed me. “Excuse me, what about swapping our lives?”, she suggested. “You take care of… read more »

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Wake up

There’s one thing I hate about my job: having to wake people up to ask them to fasten their seatbelts. It’s just not human. You’re overstressed and exhausted and you’ve finally found a way to fall asleep in your seat. And then, at the very moment you feel the tension leaving your body, and just… read more »

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Standby to travel

In general, we receive our flight roster about four weeks in advance. But a few times a year we work in a standby shift that lasts two weeks. During that time you haven’t got a clue what your days will look like. KLM can call me anytime, sending me anywhere, for any number of days.… read more »

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high heals

Frankly, it never occurred to me that they would actually hire me when I applied for the job of cabin attendant at KLM. Sure, I did want that job badly. What better could one dream of than getting paid for travelling around the world? I presumed – no, I was convinced – that I wouldn’t… read more »