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“French, Russian, Dutch – the Great European Melting Pot.” “What?” “Cultural exchange! Mutual inspiration! Cross-pollination!” My wife is accustomed to me thinking out loud. Her strategy is to ignore me until I get to the point. “That’s what the blog’s going to be about!” She calmly unchains her bike. We’ve just spent a couple of… read more »

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“He’s too far gone to read anything, dear,” said my mother, “but he still loves looking at photos.” So I bought a picture book full of the world’s greatest paintings and flew to Johannesburg. That was the last gift I ever gave my father. He pretended to recognise me when I went to visit him.… read more »

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Matisse painting kl

U heeft waarschijnlijk al vaker dan eens met KLM gevlogen. De kans is groot dat u daarbij een keer in bijzonder gezelschap verkeerde… En dan heb ik het niet over passagiers of bemanning. KLM heeft Boeing 747-400 combitoestellen in haar vloot. In dit vliegtuig zit het passagiersgedeelte voor in het toestel en het vrachtgedeelte op… read more »

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Matisse painting kl

You’ve probably travelled with KLM at least once or twice. Most likely you were not alone in the plane. And I don’t just mean in terms of the other passengers and the crew. KLM is the only airline to include the Boeing 747-400 ‘combi’ in its fleet. This aircraft has passenger seating at the front… read more »