Terra Incognita #5 – Chilargentisylvania?

Photo A

Louis Greenberg, who edits all my blogs, also writes horror stories. He is one half of author S.L. Grey, together with his Siamese writing twin Sarah Lotz. I mention this not because I wish to subject you to a name-dropping gore fest, but because Louis supplied the photos for this week’s blog and because I think he deserves a round of applause for his sterling work and for suppressing the urge to add zombies, vampires and axe murderers to my blogs.

Touch of macabre
That said, Louis has managed to add a touch of the macabre to his selection of photos from our terra incognita. At first, I thought this (photo A) might be a row of fake Dutch gables at some Holland Village theme park in Japan or America. But on taking a closer look, I realised that these are richly decorated tombs, where tragic Ada will forever reach for roses that she cannot have, wearing only a sheet, much to the horror of her more traditional neighbours, no doubt.

Photo B

Phantom ninja army
After that somewhat sombre start, Louis clearly wanted to escape from his coffin and get out into the open. This photo (photo B) shows two large steers standing in marshland. This could be the great plains of North America, the Asian tundra or the pampas of South America. Judging by the lack of trees, this photo was probably taken at high altitude. Could this be Argentina or Chile perhaps? That would tie in with the first photo, because such ornate family tombs are more common to Hispanic countries. On taking a closer look, I also noticed that there were more cattle lurking in the background like a phantom ninja army.

Photo C

Abominable snowmen
This third photo (photo C) is truly spectacular. At first, I thought I was looking down at the ocean from a snow-specked mountain where the spirits of vampire goats bleated plaintively in the wind. But something seemed wrong. There are no trees in sight and, on taking a closer look, I noticed that there were snow-capped peaks along the horizon, an ideal habitat for abominable snowmen. Could this be one of the great lakes of South America? I decided to check a map and made a startling discovery: there are fjord-like inlets around the tip of Tierra del Fuego.

That said, my best bet is that these photos were taken in Argentina. But feel free to prove me wrong and condemn me to watching Twilight reruns for the rest of my natural life.