The 10 most-viewed blogs of 2016

But first; a very happy 2017! A new year often calls for a recap of the year that has passed. It’s no different for the KLM Blog. Once again in 2016, our bloggers, representing every layer of the KLM organisation, had beautiful, surprising, and informative things to tell us.

These are stories that found their origins above and below the wings. They tell us about KLM as an airline, as an employer, and about the people who work here.

We have collected the ten most-viewed blogs of 2016 for you to read. They should serve as an inspiration for another KLM blog year complete with new energy, subject matter, and bloggers. Have a look back and get inspired.

#10 | 7 Tricks for Sleeping on a Plane
man sleeping in airplane

#9 | Quiz : Aviation facts: True or False?

aircraft toilet
#8 | What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Alcohol on a Plane?

Alcohol during a flight

#7 | Quiz : Recognize the uniform


#6 | 6 Air Traffic Control Myths Busted

Air traffic control tower

#5 | Airline Logo Quiz

airline logo

#4 | What’s That Comma Doing in That Engine?

#3 | What Happens To Your Ears During A Flight?


#2 | 4 Photos of Naked KLM Aircraft Leaked!

#1 | World’s First Perfect Draught Beer Aboard a Plane