The 20 Faces of SkyTeam

You’ve probably heard about SkyTeam. But what is it and what benefits are there for you, the traveller? Allow me to introduce the member airlines and explain what advantages there are for you when you travel with SkyTeam.

Very briefly: SkyTeam is an alliance of twenty airlines. Together they reach 1,052 destinations in 177 countries on 16,300 flights each day. Last week we celebrated SkyTeam’s fifteenth anniversary which I attended on behalf of KLM.

1. KLM


2. Air France

Air France Fleet Plane Aircraft Flying (2)

3. China Eastern

China Eastern MU skyteam livery plane fleet airport

4. Aeroflot

PR photobank Aeroflot plane closeup logo

5. Alitalia

Alitalia Fleet Plane Aircraft  A319 - DSC_7050 Alitalia

6. AeroMexico

AM PR AM Aeromexico Plane Aircraft Fleet runway background landscape mountain

7. AerolineasArgentinas

FB Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus 330-200 LV-FNK Plane Aircraft

8. AirEuropa

Air Europa UX Fleet Plane Aircraft flying over clouds

9. China southern

China Southern Fleet Plane Aircraft Flying 319

10. Czech Airlines

OK Czech Airlines Plane Fleet Aircraft Flying  (3)

11. Delta


12. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Fleet Plane Aircraft Boeing 737-800NG

13. Kenya Airways

Kilimanjaro at Sunrise. View from Amboseli, Kenya

14. Korean Air

FB Korean Air A380 take off 1 plane aircraft

15. MEA

FB MEA parked MEA plane aircraft


16. Saudia

Saudia SkyTeam 777-300

17. Tarom

TAROM_SkyTeam Livery_1

18. VietnamAirlines

PR VN Vietnam Airlines Plane Aircraft Fleet airport  platform

19. XiamenAir

FB Xiamen Air plane

20. China Airlines

PR A330 - Time for Taiwan 3 tourism livery China Airlines plane aircraft takeoff departure city skyline background

Four SkyTeam benefits

1. Earn & burn those Miles!

If you are a Flying Blue member or intend to become one.

You can earn miles on any SkyTeam member flight. And even better, once you have enough Miles, you can spend them to get an award ticket or other products.

2. SkyPriority: the red carpet treatment

I know it’s not for all of us but, if you do travel a lot, the red carpets of SkyPriority give Elite Plus, First Class and Business Class passengers the luxury of passing the lines to check-in areas, baggage drop-off and boarding areas. SkyPriority is designed to speed and guide customers through their journey with ease, regardless of the airline or frequent flyer programme. You’ll find the red SkyPriority lines on almost every airport.

SkyTeam livery plane neutral

3. Five hundred lounges

The luxurious travellers amongst us can make use of the Exclusive SkyTeam lounges that offer you rest and relaxation in a quiet retreat before you take off. International First and Business Class customers and SkyTeam Elite Plus members have access to more than 500 luxurious Member lounges in addition to the three exclusive SkyTeam lounges at London Heathrow, Sydney and Istanbul. And don’t worry if you’re feeling lonely. As a SkyTeam Elite Plus member you can invite a friend to join you in the lounge! I can’t think of a better way to start your journey!

4. Seamless travel

Seamless travel means you not need to worry if your luggage arrives on your final destination or that you had to book a new ticket because of a delay. Seamless actually means worry-free travel when you book a flight, arrive at the airport, and get to your final destination.

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Daniel Babenco

Aerolineas Argentinas’ livery is beautifully designed. The combination of colours and the way they merge with the sky or contrast with other backgrounds is stunning! Well done for a badly needed facelift by this underrated and good airline which has invested heavily and responsibly in renewing its fleet and image…


Hi – Nice post- I just wished you posted Alitalia’s new livery

moiz khan

That great news for us, i wish and wana join your team as a employee tell me how can i join your airline…? Waiting

Adrian Moffat

From the group I do like the updated KLM livery and the very classy Garuda Indonesia livery, but the Skyteam livery is too boring and bland. It just doesn’t look right somehow. The Oneworld alliance has the right take on the blend of the groups and the airlines livery. Looks much better.


Hi Robbert, do you have the order of the cabin attendants line up? Trying to figure out whose uniform is so similar to Air France’ (#6 and #20).


#6 is Aeromexico while #20 is China Eastern

Luciana Grotteschi

I think #20 is Aeroflot..


The orange uniform (#19, counting from the left) is Aerofloat. #20 is China Eastern.


L to R:
1. Delta
2. Czech Airlines
3. Korean Air
4. Air France
5. MEA
6. Aeromexico
7. Kenya Airways
8. KLM
10. China Airlines
11. Garuda Indonesia
12. Aerolineas Argentina
13. Vietnam
14. Alitalia
15. Saudia
16. Xiamen
17. China Southern
18. Air Europa
19. Aerofloat
20. China Eastern

Felipe Hedstrom

I posted on my YouTube channel 3 videos about taking off with Alitalia. I always consider this air company the best on intercontinental connections if we consider 3 factors: schedule, quality and price.

Joseph schuier

And where are these people performing? I see a Broadway show in the future.

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