These Are The Top 8 KLM Houses That Are Most Desired by Collectors

Which KLM houses are a must to put yourself on the map as a miniatures maniac? Which houses are rare, must-haves or cherished by diehard KLM passengers? I set off to find out and arrived at these, the Top 8 of the rarest, most unusual and most wanted KLM houses.

Believe it or not, but dishing out presents was a no-go back in the day – at least, for airlines. They didn’t give their passengers presents as this would have promoted unfair competition. It’s not surprising that KLM raised eyebrows when it began serving Dutch gin in special miniature houses to World Business Class passengers. Technically speaking, it wasn’t a gift. “Is there a law that tells us drinks have to be served in a glass?” KLM replied simply to the critics. And thus began the collector’s mania…

8. ‘The Little Street’ (no. 76)

First of all, there are collectors who are interested in the story behind the house. Take KLM house number 76 for example, which featured in the famous painting of a view of houses in Delft known as ‘The Little Street’ by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (1632 – 1675). The house in the painting was recently discovered in Delft. But for anyone not willing to take the trip; you can also visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to admire the house on canvas.

KLM houses 'Little Street' no. 76

7. Rembrandt House (no. 48)

Both the Rembrandt House and the Anne Frank House (no. 47) are keenly sought after because they are major attractions. Imagine having the house you visited in Amsterdam on your mantelpiece as a Delftware miniature. Who wouldn’t want that?

6. Frans Hals Museum

The Frans Hals Museum miniature is certainly worthy of a more detailed description. Why? You had to satisfy quite a few requirements to earn this house. What’s more, it formed part of a special edition that didn’t actually belong to the set. It is also not numbered. In 1962, the ‘Museum’ house was only awarded to tourists from Japan. On the flight from Japan to Amsterdam, they were given a special voucher granting them entry to the Frans Hals Museum. On visiting the museum, these tourists received the complimentary miniature. There are therefore only a small number of these KLM miniature houses in circulation around the globe.

KLM houses Frans Hals museum

5. Cunucu House

Cunucu House is also an ‘unofficial’ miniature house issued by the establishment on the Netherlands Antilles to commemorate 75 years of service. The house was filled with a local drink instead of the customary Dutch gin. In contrast to the typically Dutch and generally rectangular canal-side houses that make up most of the set, Cunucu House has a typically round form.

4. The Weighing House

The Weighing House (or De Waag in Dutch) in Gouda is one of the most well-known monuments in the Netherlands. The building dates back to 1668 and today serves as a cheese museum. Throughout the summer months, tourists visit to witness the traditional cheese weighing process. The KLM house was given to bridal couples flying KLM between 1995 and 2005. These houses are no longer in production today.

KLM houses the Weighing House

3. The first (“oldest”) KLM houses

KLM houses numbered 1 through 10 are highly sought after. Why? Because a lot of people believe that they are actually the oldest houses. This is complete nonsense of course, because the houses are still in production. So the chances of them genuinely originating from the first series in 1952 are slim.

2. The latest KLM house

KLM houses are issued annually when KLM celebrates its anniversary. The latest miniature is revealed on 7 October and there’s usually a run on it. Each aircraft flies for around 20 days with only that house on board, because everyone wants it. House number 95 was presented recently in honour of KLM’s 95th anniversary in October – a replica of the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam.

KLM houses Heineken Brewery no. 95

1. The Palace on Dam Square

The jewel of the series of KLM houses has to be the Palace on Dam Square. Perhaps the most well-known building in Amsterdam, it was made to scale in Delft Blue by Bols, the creator of Dutch gin or Jenever. In the 1970s and 1980s, all bridal couples who flew KLM received one as a gift. The series was limited to several thousand. The illustrious miniature Palace is most certainly the crowning achievement on many collections.

Just can’t stop looking at the KLM houses? Check out more pictures I’ve made of the collection in the slider. Want to keep track of your own collection? Try the KLM Houses App!

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Navnit kumar

i like to buy these house I have 6 of them already got from u for traveling in klm

Roger Swaab

Be my guest on

Hi i have 3 houses nr 9, 82 and 85 you can buy the from me do a good offer and they are yours.



HELLO, This is very late- but do you still have #9?


I have house number 9. What would you offer for it?

A. D.

I have several and am willing to sell them.
Still interested?

Billie Golladay

I am interested.

julie watson

I have number 45 & 15




are you still interested in buying houses?

Gerald malone

I am interested in buying klm houses Gerald malone 07516182758

Rhonda M Lelo

I have numbers 8 11 51 56 57 62 68 76


i have a number 45 house and wants to sell it? make me an offer?

Richard Henkelman

Hello I have 5 0f these house number 19 , 8 and I have to look at the others , in very good condition

Annette Sider

I have house number 21

Kathy Morrell Newman

I have the weighing house, received from KLM when I and my husband were on our honeymoon and visiting with friends in Amsterdam. I am considering selling it.

Frits Muller

Item 3 ……
If collected as of 1952 you will have the original “oldest” 10 houses. I am the lucky one. When did they start to issue only one every year on October 7.
in ’84 or ’85.
Don’t want to be “fresh” but missing 93, 94 and 95, any chance of “diverting” those 3 to me.
Many Thanks,
Frits Muller

Roger Swaab

Buy at my site

Gabriela Sewell

I have both #47 Anne Frank house and #48 Rembrandt house. I’m willing to part with them for a good offer.


Hello, What would you consider a good offer ?


Gabriela Sewell

I would sell both pieces together for $100 plus shipping. Although they are both sealed #47 seems to be only half full and #48 seems empty completely evaporated, both in otherwise perfect condition. I could send you a picture.


Hello my name is blake and i aquired a full set of these houses plus dubels if your are instreded?you name it i can send you picksnot sure but just want to be fair you name it

Gerald malone

I am interested in buying klm houses Gerald malone 07516182758 or

Roger Swaab

I have a big collection and all houses including the Palace and Kaaswaag for sale and exchange.If you need any of these reply to me.
Many Thanks,

Roger Swaab



What would the complete collection cost ?


Roger Swaab

1000 Euro


Does this collection include the Palace and Waag

blake solomen

I have 1 thru #89 and 4 doubles I will need to know also I have the big house! and seald and hsve liquor in them ecpt, 4


Do You still have them? If so what is your asking price?

Mary Addy

I have 22 28 30 unopened.
Are you interested?


Hi Roger,
I have 2 KLM houses as double: 3 and 29.
I would like to exchange them and get 2 other numbers that I don’t have, if you have any doubles and you want to exchane them. By the way, I live in Amsterdam
Let me know.

Best regards,


you can also swap them on board on your WBC flight! (At least, that’s what the stewards always tell me…)

Leslie Foley

Hi Roger – I’m looking for a house distributed in 1965. Do you know what number that is and do you have it? (Thanks for your help.)

debra f. bogaards

Hi Roger,

I would love to buy the Palace on Dam Square, The w=Weighing House Cunucu House and no. 48.
What would you sell them for? I live in California.

Stephanie Givens

I have a 48 in mint condition, sealed never opened. Are you still interested?
Stephanie Givens

Robert Brand van Lieshout

i am a collector of the series and started to collect the second one in the hope i can ever use them to get the missing ones. Despite flying WBC for my wedding in 2003 to SXM. We did not get the weighing house, i am also still missing nbr 88 and 95. 88 is difficult for already a year now. I have many double ones to swab. Thanks.

David Smith

Hi Robert. I have four houses. Number’s 15, 39, 75 and 88.
Number’s 15 and 75 are sealed, however, 75 is slowly evaporating. 39 and 88 have no seals as they were issued on middle east flights and were opened by the airline before issue.

I would be interested in selling the four for a reasonable offer, plus postage.

Best regards,



Hi robert,

Did you come right with 88? I have it. Sealed, mint condition?


Gido Van Praag

Regarding Palace on Dam square

May I ask the KLM management:
I am a Platinum for Life member, yet have not seen any benefit from this status.
I am happily married for 28 years. How can I nominate for this jewel in the crown of the KLM house range?

Thanks & warm regards, Gido

Roger Swaab

You can get it from me for a price at Euro 225
Roger Swaab,Amstelveen


Will that be post paid 225 E

Paulo Velasco

queria muito uma miniatura dessas, feliz ano novo a todos da KLM.

Kae Wicks

I almost have the complete set. Where can I purchase the latest houses from?

Roger Swaab


Which do you still need?


I never recieve form the KLM and every i”m fliying with you
I love too have won


Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear meesags!


I got the Royal Palace on coronation day last year. You did not mention these.


Klm started handing out houses in first class, only later they stated, first and business class. Businees class passengers recieved a little dutch tile. Only much later when there was no more first class and only business class the passengers in B.C recieved the houses. We hace 3 complete streets


I have 12 of them, and they are sitting proudly on my mantle in the Living Room. the are in groups of threes and make a nice mantle decoration. I Wish I had the Parliament building one to add to the middle. That would look even better.


Er wordt verwezen naar de KLM huisjes app, maar die werkt voor geen meter op een iPad !


I have a few of the houses containing Rynbende instead of Bols! Although the seals have deteriorated and the jenever evaporated. How old would these be?

Susie Kusnierz

I also have one house with Rynbende – it doesn’t have a number, unlike my others. Did you find out any more about yours?

Grace Weininga

only business class passengers get them

marion Williams

I have 6 of these houses,would hav to look for the numbers,I actually have a very large delft collection about 250pieces,all well looked after,it,s in my cabinet cool box cupboards drawers,if anyone would like to buy some as we’ve,e had to downsize.


What do you have and what do you expect to part with all of them

Steve Schauer

I have a number 16 house that I will sell for $150.00 dollars.

Pedro Paulo

Thank you for kindness.
I accept your offer, they will make my collection get much bigger and more beautiful.
I look forward to arrival

My address :

Avenida Prado Junior, 16 apartamento 601
Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro
CEP 22011-040

Kind regards,

Pedro Paulo Martins Ferreira

Início da mensagem encaminhada
De: KLM Customer Relations Info
Data: 17 de dezembro de 2014 12:13:37 BRST
Para: “”
Assunto: Regarding: your KLM collection
Dear Mr. Ferreira,

We were informed by our cabin attendants on board of your recent KLM flight to Amsterdam that you are a big fan of our company. We are honored to hear this!
Because we understand this love for aircrafts and the color blue we would love to send you some small items for your collection. We heard that you have quite a warehouse full in Brazil!
We would love to see your collection increase. In order to make sure that this happens we would like to receive your address so that we could sent you these things.
In expectation of your reaction.
Kind regards,

KLM Customer Service

It is not possible to reply to this e-mail address. Should you need to contact us again,
please do so via our website or via Social Media. For information, services and offers,
please visit our web site: .

For information, services and offers, please visit our web site: This e-mail and any attachment may contain confidential and privileged material intended for the addressee only. If you are not the addressee, you are notified that no part of the e-mail or any attachment may be disclosed, copied or distributed, and that any other action related to this e-mail or attachment is strictly prohibited, and may be unlawful. If you have received this e-mail by error, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, and delete this message.

Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV (KLM), its subsidiaries and/or its employees shall not be liable for the incorrect or incomplete transmission of this e-mail or any attachments, nor responsible for any delay in receipt.
Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (also known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) is registered in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, with registered number 33014286


I have 2 KLM houses as double: 3 and 29.
I would like to exchange them and get 2 other numbers that I don’t have.

Anyone has doubles to exchange?

Let me know.

Best regards,



I have 2 KLM houses as double: 3 and 29.
I would like to exchange them and get 2 other numbers that I don’t have.

Anyone has doubles to exchange? I live in Amsterdam

Let me know.

Best regards,


gary goodman

Where can I get the original numbers 1 to 10 from,(1950’s made) and not the ones that have been re-made in recent years.

Roger Swaab

I can deliver these houses to you.


hi, i love to go to your store.. can you tell me the address?

Ove Berntzen

I have 65 of these houses now. My goal is to collect all of them before I retire.

Joop Ramaekers

Dear Mr.Berntzen,
Are you in possesion of The palace on the Dam? Ours is forsale, if you are intrested


Do you still have the Palace for sale. How much would you want for it?

Joop Ramaekers

It’s still forsale. Price: €300

Gerald malone

I am interested in buying klm houses Gerald malone 07516182758 or


I have one with a blue stamp on the bottom of it that has a wine glass in the middle of it an has RYNBEANDE DISTILLERIES in a cycle around it and just outside of it is a 8 that was embedded in it when made. On the back of the house that has no windows, on the bottom of the side is a crown an under that is KLM. Did you want too buy this? I live in Bellingham, Washington U.S.A.
Make me an offer if interested! Thank You, Have a great day!!!

Annette Sider

I have house number 21


I’m cleaning out a closet and found a KLM #41 in a box with pamphlet. What do I do with it? I think my dad must have gotten this many years ago.


I HAVE THE FOLLOWING HOUSES…1,2,3,7,11,13,14,15,17,18,19,22,24,28,29,40,41,45,48,49,50,54,55,57,63,70,71,73,78,83,88,91,92.


For how much each one?


How much each one?


Hello can you help please

I have come across a house which has stamped Royal Delft Blue Holland on the bottom. With the number 6 in top left corner and 17 top right. And the number it’s either 259 or Z59 in what looks like black marker pen written across it.
Now it is filled, thou has no wax on top but is it NOT stamped KLM.
Now I have the same number 6 in the KLM Bols and this just looks like an earlier version.
The copies you have in this page show the Royal Delft one having the KLM stamp still on the back.

Can you explain mine please


Jane Van Haaren

i have a few houses. Some are made for Rijnbende,some for Henkes and others are made for Bols.
Can you pls tell me what the differences are?
Thank you.


Age. Rijnbende was at some point bought by Henkes. Henkes in turn was bought by Bols.


I have 2 houses numbers 84 and 59 (am assuming that the 2003 is the year they were issued) for sale if any one interested.


I have 56 KLM houses as 3 doubles..I am collector from the series..
KLM houses nice for decoration…I love it…and I am lucky cos I got them from family Jan ..Tina and friends from Holland..Thank you

Many regards from Indonesia


I have perfect #14, 16, 23, 35, 62, 64, and 71. I have #48 open with no seal. I am interested in selling them.


If you still have them , How much do you want for them?


Have collected 46 of the little suckers since 2002 from long haul flights, I use the app nowadays for keeping a check on which ones “not to” take off the try at the end of the flight.
Would not part with any of them, they really are pretty and a terrific talking point with friends and family.
My 2 granddaughters will have them to share in time to come.
Looking at my schedule I will acquire another 4 before the years end.
Silly as it sounds I will not fly Air France unless absolutely necessary even if flight times are more convenient (a couple of hours) so as to add to this fabulous collection.


The ones under 8 and 7 are really not rare. They have been made for years. And with a little effort can be found on the planes. There are many more extremely rare houses issued for special occasions and often only handed out on a very limited number of flights. The Coronation Palace, the Pagoda, the Surinam house, and about 20 or so with special inscriptions. There are also 4 houses that were pencil holders and not anything remotely looking like a bottle.

Vince Yeap

Are the klm delft houses made in holland?

Cynthia Kimbrell

How much are KLM miniature delft blue houses # 2, 4, and. 10 worth

Robert Shaver

Thank you for the work you do.
It would be very helpful if KLM offered the houses for sale in the online Shop.
I feel that ebay is a poor way to acquire these houses.
Thank you.

Maria Barker

15 Feb 2016 For Sale 29 houses want to sell all together Numbers 1, 2, 6 x 2, 7, 12, 15, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 33, 35, 36, 48, 62, 64, 65, 66 x 2, 68, 70, 71, 74 x 2, 75. Any one interested.
All still sealed and in immaculate condition.

James King

Hi Maria,
I could be interested in # 74
Further missing all later ones from # 87 up to # 96
Have a few doubles to exchange or sell.
These are ## 9, 20, 28, 33, 35, 40, 48, 50, 55, 75
All sealed, but alcohol must have evaporated from 33, 55, and 75.


I have a collection to sell, 3 7 10 13 18 20 21 23 (x2) 27 28 38 43 45 46 47 54 59 86 and 87 are sealed with liquid inside, 5 17 29 and 68 are sealed but empty and 2 9 14 26 31 32 34 36 39 42 51 61 63 64 71 72 74 75 78 81 82 are empty. All are in perfect condition, let me know if you are interested


I have a real KLM house with no number on the back but can’t find anything about an in numbered house


I have houses 1,2,4 from the 50s but they are corked. Are they worth any thing? The numbers are just written on the bottom and the glaze is older than new ones.



How can i purchase the whole series of KLM house?



My husband and I have the whole series 1-89 with doubles and The House of Bols. what would you offer? They are in mint condition, with the alcohol in them.


i have numbers 2 three number 4’s 6,8, two number 11’s 17,18, 23,34,35,44,53,76 and 77 would love to sell all of them together but will sell individual. $150.00 plus shipping for all or $15.00 each


i have numbers 2 three number 4’s 6,8, two number 11’s 17,18, 23,34,35,44,53,76 and 77 would love to sell all of them together but will sell individual. $150.00 plus shipping for all or $15.00 each. They are all sealed except one and it is open in the back like a tea light. most of them still have the liquor inside

Barbara simmons

All the comments are so interesting. I too have a collection of about 15 to 20 houses dating from the
1950’s. They are in pristine condition; only a few have the chimney off but the cork still intact.
These were not collected from the airline but rather found in an antique store. My mother had them before me and I saw them once in a glossy Tiffany Table Setting book. May I ask which numbers are most valuable. Mine are all from the original company Rijnbende.
I am interested in their value if anyone has an idea. And, am interested in selling.
Thank you

Janine wild

I have 7 immaculate houses all selled and. Full I’m willing to sell them I have Number (5) number (8). number (14). number (42). number (76). number (79). number (91). Open to offers. My contact is 07809883374

Susan Kiehnhoff

I need help figuring out what number my little house is. It looks similar to number 5. However on the bottom there is the letter “v” and the number 6 with a hyphen after it. It also says “Royal Delft Blue Holland” on the bottom. On the back are the letters KLM and there is a faded sticker indicating Apricot Brandy was in the bottle originally. The date 1680 is on the front. The windows and door are in the same configuration as the number 5, however the curtains in the windows are different. There is one window on the left side and 4 windows on the left side. I know this is an old house from the early 1960s. Does anyone have any idea what number this is?

Megan Hollis


I have houses 3, 17,22,27,36,52,66,78,79 and 83. All with liquor apart from 3, 52 and 66.

How much would these be worth?


Any idea how much Jenever in it? And does AMS security allow to take it through in hand baggage during transit?

Simon Hemmes

The amount – these days is only 10 ml per house. Not worth opening these houses. And the houses can only be taken through transit customs / security if they are in a special sealed bag. This bag will be given to you by the KLM staff on request.

James King

In my KLM houses collection I am missing # 74
And all later ones from # 87 up to # 96
Have a few doubles to exchange or sell.
These are ## 9, 20, 28, 33, 35, 40, 48, 50, 55, 75
All sealed, but alcohol must have evaporated from 33, 55, and 75.

Denyse Aita

Hi, Just to let you know . I bought 24 different miniature KLM ceramic houses today.. and I paid 1.00$ each canadian. As soon as I saw them , I fell in love with these beauties and bought the whole lot in a second hand store in my town. Just wonderful to have.


Hello, I have for sale several KLM ceramic houses, is anyone interested in buying.

Karin Ringheim

I have only one house but it is Rembrandt No 48, one of the 8 most sought after! if someone would like to buy it, please contact me. It is at least 20 years old, uncorked, in perfect shape.

debra f. bogaards

Hi Roger,

I would love to buy the Palace on Dam Square, The w=Weighing House Cunucu House and no. 48.
What would you sell them for? I live in California.


Hi Roger, I have Number 48 (Rembrandt Museum), made by Bols, with the cork still in it, but empty of liquor. What would be a fair price? Thanks, Sheila

Linda Singh

Hello everyone,
I have the following all sealed and am looking to sell:
22, 29, 40, 47, 71, 81, 82

the following are not sealed:
23, 25

and another one that has no number on the back, but has #54 on the bottom.

Let me know if anyone knows what these are worth and if interested in buying, I live in the USA (Maryland).

Thanks much!

Sylvia Peyron

I have the house Nr 19 double and would like to exchange. I’m open to suggestions.

Hannah Dickinson

I have an original no. 2 from 1952 the Delft Blue Holland mark is hand written on below the handwritten number 2 and below Delft Blue is a mark that looks like E1 (above the word Holland) – please email me at if you would be interested in making an offer. Found in my grandmothers possessions several years ago after her death – the house is empty and does not have a cork / lid on top of the chimney. If anyone has an idea of the value of this piece please get in touch. Thank you


I have 41 houses, intact with liquids.


I have no’s 31 55 56 66 73
sealed & liquid (except 66 no liquid but still sealed)




I have 6 houses of the collection. One of them is Rembrandt No 48, one of the 8 most sought after! The others are number 1, 23, 43, 67 and 87. if someone would like to buy it, please contact me. The bottles Arena sealed


I have house 18 is it rare? How much to ask for?

These miniature houses are really very nice.


I have 11 miniature houses: Numbers 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 23, 45, 47 (Anne Frank), 48 (Rembrandt Museum), and 50. What are they worth? Thank you, Sheila


Bonjour anyone in France interested in selling, exchanging or buying? Regards Mieke

Ole Jan Gundersen

Is there anyone out there that knows how many Frans Hals Museum miniatures was made


we have 1 thru 89 and a House of Holmes – anyone interested in buying the whole set?

Kristen Terry


I have miniature houses numbers 48 (Rembrandt House), 52, 53, 55, 63, 64, 70. All are original wax sealed, with the exception of No. 53 which has been opened. Stamped 2012 on underside of houses.

Anyone interested in purchasing? Please contact me at your convenience.


Sandy Smith

I recently acquired the #16 house, if anyone is interested or knows anything about it please let me know!

The condition is excellent – there is a sticker on it stating – Empty due to customs regulations on this route.


I need the Kaaswaag Gouda house to complete my collection. Does anyone either have one for sale or know where one could be purchased?


Hi, Not sure if you got your Kaaswaag Gouda house but this is a link to one I’ve just seen on e-bay. Happy house hunting :)

Tiberio Tabosa

I have 30 houses for sale.I living in Brazil.Someone in Brazil interresting ? Average price US$ 35.00

Karen Baggesgaard

I have no. 60 79 unopend and no. 81 64 open. Anyone interested?

Laura van tuyl

I. Have many unopened houses if anyone is interested.

Frans Reitsma

Yes I am interested.
Pls indicate which one you have available or sent pictures.


I have duplicates of 12, 23, 33, 34, & 49.

Need 92, 93, 95, 98, & 99.

Anyone interested in swapping anything I need for anything they want out of what I have listed above.

Marilee Cunningham

I have an unnumbered house without a BOLS on it and no marking on the bottom, only KLM on the back – is there a way to identify when these were issued?

Philip Turner

I have just posted a large collection of these houses on eBay 15th AUGUST 2017 – Search on KLM Bol Dutch houses to find them

Just thought I would mention in case anyone was interested:-)



I have #56,57 if interested. Make an offer. Thanks


HELLO, This is very late- but do you still have #9?


We have 65 duplicates- a complete set except #9,95,96,97,98
Willing to sell- Have 2 #76

Victoria Nwogu

I have no.48. Yayyyy!


I have #75 & 85 if interested.
House is numbered #75 is the former KLM head office. This Miniature is market “KLM” in several areas and at the bottom: “Blue Delft’s exclusively made for KLM by BOLS Amsterdam 1575”
House is numbered #85 has sign “1708 PEHHA” on its attic. This Miniature is marked at the bottom: “Blue Delft’s exclusively made for KLM by BOLS Distilleries Holland”
Houses are sealed with original wax seal and contents are intact.
Make an offer. Thanks!

Frans Björklund

II have 35 houses obtained from 1968 to 1978
Like to sell and would like an offer


I have approximately 50 of these houses, including nos. 47 and 48. Only 5 do not have the wax seal. All are in pristine condition. I would like to sell them. Please let me know if anyone is interested and how much you are willing to offer per house. You will have to pay the postage. Thank you.


I have 18 of the houses all with original seals, that I want to find a better home for, no pun intended…..House #’s are 24..32..35…37…37…39….45..50…50….55…60….63….64…67…71…73…75…80


Hi, How much and how much would shipping be to Montreal (Quebec). My parents are from Holland, so I love collecting Dutch things, very dear to me. Thank you, Patricia


Hi Jeff, How much are you asking for the complete set and how much would shipping be to Montreal (Quebec). My parents are from Holland, so I love collecting Dutch things, very dear to me. Thank you, Patricia

Inge Holm

I have an almost complete set iof houses for sale, pluss some spare houses. Anyone interested?


I have a #50 house that also has “2018” inscribed underneath. I noticed there are other number houses as well with the additional “2018” inscription. Were multiple houses replicated in the year 2018, is that what this means?


Merci KLM, j’ai 7 petites belles maisons, et j’espère avoir plus !

jennifer orgill

I have 32 sealed and live in Vaughan Ontario Canada.only willing to sell if they can be picked up and not mailed.If interested,will provivide the numbers

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